How to Draw a Stool

This article will teach you one way to draw a simple stool. This is not a very advanced way, but people will still admire your work.


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    Find the shape of the seat of the stool. Is it square, or rectangular, or a circle? And how do the legs look like? Find the color(s) of the stool, and take note of any interesting colors you may have to make using the colors you already have.
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    Take your pencil and sketch a very messy, quick once-over of the stool. Now you know the basic shape. Something that helps is to look at the stool for one minute or so, then go into a different room and try to draw a rough sketch of it. You need to know your artwork.
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    Begin the real thing, after much practice, with base/top/seat of the stool Try to make it three dimensional, so it looks more realistic.
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    Move on to the legs of the stool. You can use a ruler to help you, or if you think your up to it, try to make the legs straight by yourself. Pay attention to the background and size.
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    Now is your chance to add some color to your picture. Try using different shades of color.
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    Lastly, and this step is optional, you can outline the picture.


  • Begin sketching with a pencil so you can erase.
  • Colored pencil works best, and don't buy the cheap, low quality pencils. They break a lot.
  • Adding little streaks and specific dents or stains make your picture look nice. Try adding a small shadow, too. People will be impressed.
  • Draw lightly first, so that if you make a mistake, you can easily erase it.


  • This will not make your drawing skills better, it will help them.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Coloring tools
  • A stool to look at while drawing (if you have one)
  • Lots of drawing paper

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