wikiHow to Draw a T Shirt

How to draw a simple t-shirt for cartoon characters.


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    Draw rectangle but keep the top open.
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    Draw two more open rectangles for the arms
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    Add a circle in the sleeves to make it 3D.
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    Draw shoulders. Draw neck.
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    Design shirt. Color. Add character and you're done!


  • Include younger siblings; teach them like this, and be proud of their efforts.
  • If you use bump technique you should put it on realistic character.
  • Make the sleeves longer/shorter for short sleeve/long sleeve.
  • Change it up a bit so you don't feel like a copier.
  • Make the bottom of the shirt curved so it looks more realistic (unless you want it to look cartoon-ish).
  • Use for anime characters or bubble characters.


  • If you draw in class, listen and take notes at the same time -- concentrate, while drawing small (doodle) in the margins and between notes. Teachers don't mind doodling on good notes, especially if it is related-to/illustrates the topic.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Pen (optional)
  • Colored Pencils/markers
  • Eraser (optional)
  • Ruler (to measure)

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