How to Draw a Tissue Box

Do you want to add an accessory to a drawing of a room? Or do you just want to draw a tissue box? Either way, this article is perfect for you.


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    Draw a rectangular prism. This will be the base of the object. To do this, start with a rectangle. Then, draw diagonal lines from the top and bottom right corners. The lines extending from the corners should be equal lengths. Now, connect the extended lines so that there are no empty spaces.
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    Draw an inner rectangle on the top face of the prism. This acts as the opening for the tissues.
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    Erase some of the top rectangle for tissue allowance. If you want to draw tissues, then this step is vital (you don't want tissues with a line through it).
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    Draw the tissues. Begin with two outer lines stretching outwards. Then, draw a wave connecting these two lines. You must remember that when drawing this wave, it should be imperfect for a natural image.
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    Add extra details. This step only applies if you wish to do so.
    • Draw the flaps most on the side by drawing overlapping trapezoids.
    • Most modern tissue boxes have an exciting pattern for decoration. Draw your own cool pattern, or use a pattern that's already on a tissue box.
    • Add ruffles to the tissue. To do this, draw lines that emphasize the waves on the tissue. Also, draw pleats at the bottom of the tissue.
    • Add shadow effects. Define the source of light with shadows. The shadow of an object should get darker as you get further away from the light source. Also, you can draw a shadow cast from the object to whatever surface it is place on.
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    Finally, color your tissue box! However, many artists don't color when they have used detailed shadowing.

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