How to Draw an 'Across the Screen' Frog

Draw the OMEGA Frog by following the instructions as written.


  1. Image titled Draw a curved line Step 1
    Draw a curved line (facing down) all the way across the center your paper.
  2. Image titled Add two dots Step 2
    Add 2 dots under it. These will be the nostrils.
  3. Image titled Draw a shorter curved line Step 3
    Draw a shorter curved line under the nostrils and first line. This is the mouth.
  4. Image titled Add two semi circles Step 4
    Add 2 semi-circles wide apart on the first line you made. These are the eyes.
  5. Image titled Make pupils Step 5
    Make pupils on top of the first line, inside the eyes. Make them semi-circles.
  6. Image titled Color pupils Step 6
    Color them black.
  7. Image titled Add color Step 7 1
    Shade the inside any color you like, add spots, or whatever you want.


  • Personalize it!

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Colors
  • Or a computer with paint!

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