How to Draw an Umbrella

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Drawing an umbrella is really quite easy, but with these steps it will become even easier for you. You can use these steps if you are a beginner, or even if you are already a professional artist. Have fun!

Method 1
Basic Shape

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    Gather all the equipment you need. This includes
    • Paper
    • Lead pencil
    • Rubber eraser
    • Sharpener
    • 3 colored pencils of the same shade
    • Blue colored pencil.

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    Brainstorm ideas. Decide how you want to draw your umbrella, which way it will face, how big is it going to be, what will the umbrella's patter be, and what color you are going to make your umbrella. It is not necessary to work out all this detail now, you can decide later while drawing and you can always change your mind, experiment!
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    Draw a light line for the umbrella's rod, and another smaller one for it's spike. The space between the two is where your umbrella will be, so draw them as far apart as big you want to have your umbrella. You don't have to draw the spike now you can draw it later, it doesn't really matter.
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    Draw the ground and then the outline of the umbrella. If your umbrella will be on the ground draw a ground as a guide to where the outline of your umbrella should go up to. When drawing your umbrella's outline, keep it in mind to make it any shape you want, but be sure to draw it lightly. It is up to you to decide what shape your umbrella will be. There are umbrellas that are very big, very small, very flat, and very round, so it depend on you what you want it to be like.
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    With dots, mark the place where the metal rods in your umbrella will go. Umbrellas have metal rods in them which give it it's shape, so mark the place where these rods will go. When drawing the dots make sure to draw the middle ones a bit lower than the ones on the side to later give it that 3D effect.
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    Draw lines connecting the dots you drew in the previous step, and a straight line in the middle. Make sure to have these lines the same shape as the outline of your umbrella only being a bit flatter and a bit longer. Notice how the middle line reaches down further than the ones next to it, which reach down further than the lines on the side.
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    Draw the bottom of the umbrella. These lines should not be straight, they should be curved. Draw these lines like you see in the picture: the sides of the lines connecting to the bottom of the lines of the metal rods you drew in the previous step, and the middles bending upwards.
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    All the previous drawings should have been drawn lightly, so now outline everything you drew but this time pressing the pencil down harder.

Method 2

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    Get the colored pencils. In this guide I will be saying light green, dark green and black even if you didn't chose those colors to avoid any confusion and make it easier to understand. The colors I will use for this part are 3 shades of the same color: green. I have here light green, dark green, and black but you can use any color you want. The following list is a list of color sets you can use if you are not very experienced in choosing colors yourself. Of course there are lot more combinations, so if you want to use different colors go ahead and use it.
    • light green, green, dark green
    • yellow, green, dark green
    • yellow, orange, dark orange
    • orange, brown, black
    • yellow, orange, brown
    • light orange, orange, brown
    • dark orange, dark red, black
    • orange, red, black
    • pink, red, black
    • dark pink, purple, black
    • light blue, blue, purple
    • blue, dark blue, black
    • aqua blue, blue, dark blue
    • bluish green, aqua blue, blue
    • white, grey, black
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    Using light green draw one arc in the middle of each space. These parts of your umbrella will be the lightest because here will the light be reflected, so decide where your light is coming from, in my case the left, and draw an arc to that side of the space between the lines. Don't make the arcs too big nor too small.
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    Color in your umbrella with light green. Make sure that the bottom middle of your arc is the lightest and the left side is light while the very top of the space is very dark and the right side near the line is darker than the left.
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    Color in the spaces again with dark green the same way you colored in with light green. Don't color in too dark, make sure to leave some of that light green to be seen too.
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    Add a touch of black to the top and right side of your umbrella. This effect will really bring out the other colors, but like with dark green avoid too much of it because too much could and will make your umbrella look worse than before. If you like dark colors like black it is completely OK to put more dark in there, it all depends on you.
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    Go over the black lines with dark and light green. The lines going 'vertically' should be dark while the lines going the other direction should be light. Don't use an eraser here because you will probably end up erasing something you don't want to, just go over the lines with green and keep it in mind that it does not matter if some of the grey is still visible.
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    Color in the handle dark green, and the metal rod black. Erase the ground line and now your umbrella is finished, but if you want to add some special effects to it, then just keep reading. Draw a water puddle right where the umbrella's left side touches the ground. Make it whatever shape and size you want and color in the sides a little bit darker than the middle. You can also make the reflection of the umbrella against the water. For that, just take light or dark green and draw the same thing you see in the picture below.
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    Write the date and you are finished! Great umbrella! Put it somewhere you can see or stick it in your art book.


  • Experiment with colors and lines, it never hurts to know a bit more!
  • For shading/coloring, using soft colored pencils are the best because you don't have to push too hard and it is easy to erase. They also give the best results.


  • When you are drawing make sure not to rub your hand on the drawing too much or too hard because your hands will become grey and you will smudge the led all over your drawing.

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