How to Draw Beach Animals

Are you learning how to swim in the beach during the summer and getting puzzled by its shore animals? Learn more about them by following this simple tutorial of how to draw beach animals.


  1. Image titled BeachAnimals RoundSquares Step 1
    Start by drawing four rounded squares.
  2. Image titled BeachAnimals SurfShore Step 2
    Draw on the rounded squares wave like lines, this lines will be representations of the surf meeting the shore on the beach.
  3. Image titled BeachAnimals Pebbles Step 3
    Draw some pebbles on all four rounded squares. Make them round but imperfectly round and draw them in different kinds of sizes.
  4. Image titled BeachAnimals Starfish Step 4
    The first beach animal is a starfish. Draw on the first rounded square a star, but make its pointy sides rounded. Erase also some inside lines inside your drawn star to make your artwork cleaner.
  5. Image titled BeachAnimals StarfishDetails Step 5
    Next, draw its details. Draw a smaller star inside our previously draw star and then draw five lines meeting in the middle of the stars. You have now a drawn representation of a starfish.
  6. Image titled BeachAnimals SnailShell Step 6
    The next beach animal is the shell of a snail. Copy the shape from the accompanied illustration for the shape of the shell. Don’t forget to erase again some inside lines as instructed on step four.
  7. Image titled BeachAnimals SnailShellSpiral Step 7
    Draw a spiral shape inside the shell. Start from the middle of the shell and end the spiral on its right side.
  8. Image titled BeachAnimals ScallopShell Step 8
    The third beach animal is a scallop shell. Create the shell by drawing a fan-like shape but make its edges into small curved lines and then draw two right triangles on both its sides. Draw the shell on the third rounded square and erase again inside lines.
  9. Image titled BeachAnimals ScallopShellLines Step 9
    Add details on the shell by drawing 2 more curved lines copying its edges and then lines for its ridges.
  10. Image titled BeachAnimals CrabBody Step 10
    Finally, the fourth beach animal to draw is a crab. Start drawing him by drawing first the shape of his body on the fourth rounded square.
  11. Image titled BeachAnimals CrabClaws Step 11
    And then draw a claw and three legs on both its sides, its left and right side. End this step by drawing his tiny circle eyes.
  12. Image titled BeachAnimals Outline Step 12
    Outline your artwork. Use a thick black pen or marker to outline your rounded squares and then thinner pointed pen for your drawing. Clean it up by erasing pencil marks.
  13. Image titled BeachAnimals Color Step 13
    You can now color it. Copy the colors on the illustration or use other colors according to your taste and liking.

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