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With its sad eyes and usual panda cuteness, emo panda is a much-loved design. Easy to draw once you know the basics, you'll be amusing your friends with cute emo pandas in no time.


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    Start by lightly drawing a large, slightly flat oval. Then draw two little circles spread far apart on the top.
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    Draw the body. Make a large, U-shaped half circle directly under the head.
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    Add short, stocky legs. Draw two rectangles coming off the body shape. Next, curve the edges so that to make the legs appear more circular rather than straight.
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    Draw the arms. Draw a straight line across the body horizontally just a little below the head.
    • Then, on either side of the panda, draw two long ovals extending from the bottom of the head to just above the beginning of the legs.
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    Color in the arms, legs, and ears using a black marker. Also color in the section between the base of the panda's face and the horizontal line.
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    Focus on the face. Draw a small, upside-down U-shape near the bottom of the head to create the mouth. Draw a small dot for the nose.
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    Create the emo panda's eyes. The panda's eyes should be large, as this is what gives the drawing both its cute effect and the emo appearance.
    • Draw two big circles with a smaller one in between.
    • Make the smaller circle a bright color or simply leave it white.
    • For the pupils, draw two more smaller circles near the center. Leave the inside of this circle white.
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    Color the rest of the eye black. When finished, the eye should have a small white dot in the middle, a bright ring around it, and it will be black everywhere else. Play with the placement of the pupil until you get the exact expression you want.


  • Try different facial expressions with the mouth and eyes, such as curiosity, surprise, amusement and annoyance.
  • Try putting a scarf or other accessories on your panda to make it look more sophisticated.
  • Erase the guidelines.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil or mechanical pencil
  • Eraser
  • Push-up pen or just a pen or other black marker for coloring in
  • Another colored marker for the eye (optional)

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