How to Draw Goldfish

Besides being the snack that smiles back, goldfish are a cute and very common pet that lots of people have. Knowing how to draw a goldfish is very important. Learn to draw one easily by following these steps.


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    Draw the body. Create a pointed egg shape as a rough guide for the whole body. Inside this, draw a small oval for the head, a large circle for the body, and a small curved triangle for the tail part (as shown in the illustration to the right).
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    Draw a circle for each eyes and a smaller circle for the pupil. Add a curved line for the mouth. Your fish at this point should look a little sad--if you'd rather have a cheerful fish, go ahead and draw the mouth curving upwards rather than downwards.
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    Add in the gills. Draw a quarter circle just a few spaces from the eyes. Put in a few more if you wish.
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    Draw a triangle for the dorsal fin and two pointy heart shapes for the tail fins. The fins are fairly large in comparison to the body, taking up essentially half of the fish's total mass, so don't be afraid to go big or go home.
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    Draw a small triangle for the pectoral fins and larger ones for the ventral fins. These fins are small, so draw them with more reserve than the fins in step 4.
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    Add in some half circles to depict scales. They can be as large or as small as you want, or even differently shaped, but keep them within the lines of the body and spaced evenly.
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    Sketch in some more details for the fins and mouth. This will effectively add more life to the drawing. In fact, the more details you add, the better your fish will look, so use as many as you like.
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    Outline the fish and erase the guidelines. Don’t mistake any of the scales or gills for extraneous lines!
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    Color it in. Goldfish are, of course, known for their bright orange coloring, but you can easily make yours into another kind of fish by changing the hues and patterns.


  • Look at pictures of actual goldfish for inspiration and help.
  • Seascapes are easy enough to draw, if you want realistic surroundings for your fish--just put sand and wavy lines for seaweed at the bottom, with streams of bubbles and maybe a few sketches of other sea creatures around your goldfish. You could also put him in a bowl with colored rocks at the bottom, or in a huge aquarium tank. Use your imagination!

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