How to Draw Koala Bears

Koalas are not Bears they are native Australian marsupials found in the eastern and southern part of Australia. Known for their cute and cuddly appearance, Koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves and spend most of their time sleeping on trees. Try this tutorial out and learn how to draw their cute and cuddly forms.


  1. Image titled KoalaBear Head Step 1
    For the head, draw a shape with a top of a heart on its upper part and then half a circle for its lower part. Draw two ears and make them furry by sketching pointy lines. Add in vertical and horizontal lines to serve as your guidelines for the head.
  2. Image titled KoalaBear SmallerHead Step 2
    Draw another just like it but smaller off of its left side. Add also vertical and horizontal lines on the smaller head.
  3. Image titled KoalaBear Body Step 3
    Draw the body. Draw a vertical guideline, then a large vertical oval with some small furs on its left side. They usually have neck fur draw a curvy and pointy shape from his head all the way at the end of your drawn oval.
  4. Image titled KoalaBear FurryLegs Step 4
    Connect the oval to its head by filling the space with another furry shape. Then draw three furry legs, and remember to make their hands and feet pointy. Then lastly draw the body of the baby Koala add also some small furs on its left side.
    • For this picture, the baby Koala or the “Joey” is hanging on to its mother. So make sure the baby Koala’s body is on the back of the mother Koala.
  5. Image titled KoalaBear Face Step 5
    Now draw the details of its face. Sketch three circles for its eyes, an oval for its nose, a furry mustache and then smaller furry ears inside its ears for its darker fur. Do a little cleaning up by connecting your drawn shapes to each other.
  6. Image titled KoalaBear BabyFace Step 6
    Then copy what you just did on the face of the mother Koala on to the baby Koala’s face.
  7. Image titled KoalaBear Claws Step 7
    Finally, draw a little neck fur on the baby Koala. Draw the baby Koala’s left hand, keeping in that you should not make the hands pointy because they do not have claws. For the final touches, add in claws to the mother’s hands and feet and then some lines to emphasize folds on their body.
  8. Image titled KoalaBear Outline Step 8
    You can now outline the drawing. To outline draw thick lines or use a black pen or marker on your drawing, erase also your guidelines and inside lines to make your drawing tidy and clean.
  9. Image titled KoalaBear Color Step 9
    Color it and you’re done! Use the accompanying illustration to guide you on what colors to use on your drawing.

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