How to Draw Perry the Platypus (Pet Version)

Perry the Platypus is a simple character to draw. He is also the most loved character on the show Phineas & Ferb. In this How To, you will learn how to easily draw this character.


  1. Image titled 01 rectangle Step 01
    Begin by drawing a rectangle.
  2. Image titled 02 front feet Step 02
    Add two feet at the front
  3. Image titled 03 beak Step 03
    Add a beak; be sure to add the triangle portion onto his rectangular body.
  4. Image titled 04 eyes Step 04
    Put two eyes above his beak. When he is in pet mode his eyes should be facing different directions.
  5. Image titled 05 back feet Step 05
    Add webbed feet in the rear. They should look different from those at the front of his body.
  6. Image titled 06 tail Step 06
    Add his tail; much like that of a beaver.
  7. Image titled 07 hair Step 07
    Finish with two hairs coming off the front of his body above his eyes


  • Be sure to use pencil, as it does involve erasing.
  • His eyes should be looking in different directions.
  • If it doesn't look right the first time, don't give up! It will get easier the more you practice.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper (white)
  • Pencil
  • Flat writing surface
  • Crayons(optional)

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