How to Draw Skelanimals

Drawing characters you love can be a great way to have fun and impress your friends, but where do you start? While many seasoned professionals can produce fan art from memory, a step-by-step example can be a helpful tool for those of you who are still budding. Here is a simple guide for drawing some of the more popular Skelanimals- Maxx, Jack, and Diego.


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    Start by drawing the most basic shapes that make up the outline of the head, body, and ears.
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    Add the shape of each animal's skull. Maxx's is made of three separate parts, while the other two have simpler, more oval shapes.
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    Add the legs and toes. Maxx and Jack have extremely similar bones, and you'll find that Diego's is a very simple set of six little toes.
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    Sketch in the eye sockets and nose holes for all of your critters. Notice Diego's nose is just an inversion of the others.
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    Add the hearts and accessories. The hearts are small and go directly in the center of your animal's chest. Maxx is the only character in this tutorial with an accessory; his spiked collar is the last thing you will draw.
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    Color away! The creators of Skelanimals use a nice traditional black, white, and red color scheme; as the artist you can use any medium and color palette that you like! Don't be afraid to get creative, and make sure to sign your name when you are done.


  • Use a light pencil for steps 1-5, as it is a more forgiving medium. It will be easy to cover it with crayons, markers, or paint when you get ready to add color!
  • The more you draw these little fellows, the easier it will get! After a while you'll find that you're even able to draw them from memory.

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