How to Draw Tohru Honda

Tohru Honda is a character from Fruits Basket. She is drawn in the manga and anime with simple lines that is often associated with manga and anime. This tutorial will show you how to draw Tohru Honda.


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    Find a reference drawing. If it is your first time drawing her, you may want to stick to drawing her by looking at a picture. Find a picture of Tohru that you can reference while drawing.
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    Understand the correct portion sizes for the style. A good way to do this is to draw lines that show how the character is standing. Make sure these lines are drawn lightly so you can erase them later on.
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    Draw an outline of Tohru. The outline should be very simple. You should not worry about details until later. You should also draw this lightly in case you wish to change it later on.
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    Erase the lines from the beginning. Adjustments to the drawing can also be made at this point.
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    Start details on the face. This includes the nose, mouth, eyes, and eyebrows. Also put faint lines of where the hair will be. Take into account that the particular anime style Tohru is drawn in has large eyes and a small nose and mouth. The nose and mouth are extremely simple with little detail while the eyes have a lot of detail and are more difficult to draw.
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    Start drawing in the clothes she is wearing. Some may feel it is easier to use a straight edge like a ruler for certain parts of the clothes. Put a line around any area that has a shadow so you can fill it in later.
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    Color in her uniform making the shaded spot significantly darker. If lines of pencil show up in the shading rub your finger on it and it will fade. This may smudge the pencil into areas you don't want it in if you are not careful. Erase any gray areas that should be white.
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    Draw over the lines of her hair until they look dark. Take note of what areas will be darker than other parts of the hair. Also draw in her hand and shade the underside of it.
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    Either stop there or you can continue and color in the hair. Her hair is dark brown so color it in heavily. At this point you should go back and make sure no areas got darker than you wanted from dragging your hand across the paper while drawing.
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    Now you are done! It is okay if your drawing does not come out exactly like the picture you used. All you can do is practice until you get it right! Good luck!


  • Remember to have fun when you are drawing!
  • It is okay if it doesn't turn out how you want it you will get better at it the more you practice.

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