How to Dress As a Large Woman

Now that you know how to be big and beautiful, you may want to know how to dress your big and beautiful body. There are some basic steps that are often overlooked when people dress. These steps are the key to being fashionable.


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    Dress for the occasion. Many people under or overdress for the occasion that they are attending.
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    Be clean no matter what you are wearing. The most expensive clothes look better clean.
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    Buy your size. A tighter shirt does not make your muscles bigger or your butt more attractive.
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    Match! Now this is a tricky one because it does not have to be exact, but go for a specific color scheme or style and stick to it. Matching does not have to be color specific but materials and style are key to accomplishing this feat.
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    Accessorize. The right watch or earrings can really make an outfit stand out and a properly placed accessory can take attention away from problem areas. Your accessories play a big part as well, so either wear your belt super low (on your hips) or tie scarf w/e. or wear your belt up high on the smallest part of your waste! Wear big chunky jewelry and shoes.. not too crazy though just a hoop necklace or hoop earrings will do. With bags, pick a nice simple one with basic colors to keep your look toned down.
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    Be yourself. Fashion is an expression of you and your likes and dislikes. It is an art, and to be fashionable is to be unique. So try to add a personal touch to all your outfits that signifies who you are.
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    Show the hips correctly. Okay so you got no or very little hips. Try wearing pants with front patch pockets, pants with large belt loops, pants with very low or to the side pockets (which helps pull out your hips), pants with lots of detail and design and material around hips, and pocket areas. Don't wear pants with no pockets at all unless you got super low belt loops and a belt on. Wearing skirts that have flare or a lot of ruffles around hips works great but just make sure their ruffles are not too low or it will give you big thighs and no hips.
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    Wear shirts that stick to you and shapes your curves down to your sexy hips.


  • Have your own fashion sense. Everyone likes a good fashion sense.
  • Looking curvy is having larger proportions so make sure to wear your bell bottoms or gaucho pants!
  • If you want an hourglass appearance (the appearance of a small waist, larger hips, and larger shoulder area), all you gotta do is wear boat neck tops, tops that tie or cinch right under the chest (aka baby dolls or baby doll tops), long torso tops (which make your torso look longer & curvier), tops with a large ruffled/bunched up stomach area and large neck and puffy sleeves.


  • Notice how well the color fits your complexion or your figure, not how bright you are.
  • Female accessories can tend to be annoying; watch out for jingly bangles or earrings, especially if you will be expected to speak or are in an intimate setting (date, wedding). The noise from these can be a distraction. The same thing applies to large earrings (door knockers and chandeliers are especially common problems).
  • You will not look like a Barbie Doll. Unrealistic expectations will lead to disappointment.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothing
  • A good sense of fashion
  • Money

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