wikiHow to Dress for a School Dance or Party (girls)

Wondering what to wear for the school prom or a dance?read this and hopefully you'll know.


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    Generally speaking, you don't want to go with what your friends are wearing. Jeans and casual school clothes are out of the question. Make sure you are dressed up not down. Wear whatever the prom is about or just stick to the dress code but try shopping for clothes in boutiques instead of high street stores, or else everyone will be wearing the same thing as you.
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    Accessorize. bracelets, rings, necklaces are good If that's your kind of thing. If not, go for a natural look. A watch is not recommended but there are some really fashionable watches out there.
    • Remember not to over accessorise! It's not a cool look! Also avoid dangly bracelets that make noises because they are quite annoying when your dancing! All you need, really, is a silver necklace and a cute charm bracelet. <br
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    If you have long hair you could bring a hair band or a few clips to put your fringe back so that when you dance you don't get sweaty. or you could bring deodorant, which works well and smells nice. you could also bring mint for your breath if you tend to get bad breath.
    • Bring a little bag which has some 'emergency' stuff in it. This includes a spare hair band or bow for bad hair days. A small roll-on anti-persipant deodorant. If you want you could also bring breath-spray and lip-balm, just in case you and your partner kiss!
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    Pick out shoes that are comfortable and go with your outfit. Shoes you know are comfy-cute but don't wear too often are a prime choice.
    • Taking off your shoes in the middle of the dance is an alternative, but beware they could be lost or stolen. There may be broken glass on the ground which would cut you.High heels are not a good idea if you plan on dancing. If the host insists you keep your shoes you could bring a pair of flats.
    • Wear something that is comfortable and cute. A pair of heels can give painful blisters that will make you sit on one of the corner chairs watching everyone dancing and having a lot of fun.
    • Remember socks and sandals are a total no-go, unless there is a grand prize for the worst and most hideously dressed!
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    Ask your friends what they are wearing, so you don't look like a copycat.
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    Do not forget to apply make-up. Go more colorful then usual (eye make-up vs. a little eyeliner for school). Or wear that new lipstick you've been planning for something special. Of course, the dance area is probably dark, so putting more effort in your outfit and going natural with make-up is another way to go. Remember that nobody finds a cake face attractive, so don't overdo it.
    • A good choice is some concealer, (that matches your skin tone!) eyeliner and a lipstick or lipgloss. NO MORE! Also make sure the makeup matches your outfit. For example a emerald-green dress and emerald-green eyeliner is a great match!
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    Have Fun! Let it all out! You've probably been waiting to get all that energy out because you will get in trouble in class. But this isn't a classroom! Be yourself! Don't try to be somebody you're not. If you're a little shy, get together with your friends and dance together. It's a school dance! There's probably going to be some people there who are dancing all out. Do the same! Just don't go overboard.
    • Who says you can't have that really sugary slush? Or some of them nachos coated in cheese sauce? A school dance is not a school dance without the food! Who cares if you have a bit of chocolate? Nobody...apart from yourself!
    • If you plan on kissing someone stay away from strong smelling or sticky foods, especially anything that contains garlic.
    • Bring some mint or chewing gum to freshen your breath up after eating.


  • Don't wear long sleeve shirts or jackets unless it's cold outside. And when you get to the dance and no one is dancing, start dancing with another friend and try to get more people involved. Don't just stand around doing nothing like some other people. Have fun and just start dancing. You also want to show up at the dance with a friend its just to awkward going by yourself too many people staring at you when you walk by. And its always fun to go to a friends house before the dance to get ready.
  • Just have a great time. And if you want, plan to go to a friend's house before/after for more fun.
  • Avoid wearing something that you think might violate the school dress code to a dance. You'll risk getting there and then having to leave.
  • All in all be who you are and wear what you want to wear.
  • If the party is casual do not dress up you will look weird
  • Don't spend too much on a dress if you plan to buy shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Remember, there are plenty of beautiful, inexpensive dresses.
  • Just be yourself and don't let people tell you you look ugly or weird.
  • If you're dancing the night away, try to find a dress with some sort of sleeve (even if it's just a spaghetti strap). It will really help. There's nothing worse than having to pull up your dress all night or worrying about it falling down.
  • Wear clothes that are easy to breathe in or you'll be sweaty throughout the night.
  • If you're not sure to wear formal or casual, you can just wear something that would work with both.
  • Try not to get too crazy with make-up.


  • Wear something that YOU will be comfortable in. Don't wear high heels if you know you will have huge blisters the next day.
  • Don't try to dress inappropriately just to attract boys and/or girls! The type of guy who you attract because of a skimpy outfit isn't the type of guy you want to attract! Obviously you might not want to wear a polo buttoned up to the top, but wear a camisole under any super low shirt or rethink that micro-mini. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you look the best you can be.

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