How to Dress for Autumn

The autumn season has arrived! This short how-to will be your guide to dressing fashionably for the autumn season (for girls.) I hope this is an enjoyable and informative article!


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    The Top: The autumn season brings the beginning of cold weather, so say goodbye to lace skirts and sheer blouses- you need to snuggle up and be warm! The best types of tops for the autumn are sweaters- whether they're pullovers or hideous knit sweaters from your Grandma. You can also try a long sleeved top, along with a puffy vest or zipper or button-up jacket.
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    The Bottoms: The best fabrics for autumn are denim and leather. There are lots of different colors, patterns and styles of denim jeans to wear, such as: floral jeans (though often worn in spring), galaxy jeans, colored jeans, patterned jeans (such as striped, pre-ripped, polka-dotted and tribal printed) or just plain, blue jeans! Leggings are also great types of bottoms, and look great with just a heavy sweatshirt or sweater thrown on for that casual, calm and collected look. Leather jeggings or pants are great, though a tad uncomfortable at times.
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    Accessories: Great accessories are heavy, knitted infinity scarves; multiple bracelets, bangles and or watches, long, layered necklaces and head-wraps.
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    Shoes: Different types of shoes to sport during the autumn are boots, boots and more BOOTS!!! Knee-high boots, low-ankle boots, mid-calf boots, all in different colors such as brown, black, white, gray and pale, pastel shades of others. They can be suede fabric (like Uggs), riding or combat boot styles. Have fun with them!
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    Hair: Wearing your hair down instead of in a ponytail draws more attention to your hair, and clothes, rather than your face, which is better in autumn because we tend to look more drained in the face during the late-year seasons, unless with makeup. You can have waves, french braids, micro-braids or twists and fishtail braids. If you can't tell, braids are really in during the autumn season.
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    Makeup: Deeper and darker tones are better during autumn season, so avoid the bright pinks, blues, greens, purples and yellows we lean towards during the spring and summer. Try tones like burgundy, burnt orange, beige, chocolate brown and black.


  • Try Layering: Layer necklaces, scarves, bracelets and even tops and jackets!
  • Bold and Bright: Don't be afraid to add a splash of color every now in then, just because it's autumn!

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