How to Dress for Divorce Court

Getting divorced is a very emotional happening. In court it might be hard to control your emotions, but at least you have control over what you're wearing! Looking good in court is essential. Read this article to learn how to dress for divorce court.


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    Dress in a business manner. This is a sign for the judge that you take things serious enough, and that you care about what's going to happen. Especially if you want to keep custody over your children, if you look well-maintaned, this is a good sign for the judge that you can both take care of yourself and thus probably of your children as well.
    • Clean clothes, clean and brushed hair, clean body, nice smell (not too much perfume or cologne!)
    • Some outfit ideas for ladies: black dress pants with a white collar necked long sleeve and a black waist belt. Black flats or black pumps. Remember, you aren't dressing to show off, you're dressing to be taken seriously.
    • Outfit ideas for men: black slacks and a good undershirt will do. Nice sleek shoes.
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    Make sure all piercings and/or tattoos are taken off or covered up as much as possible. You want the judge to think you're an innocent person. The reason why you want to dress and act like this is because from the moment you step inside that law building, anything you do or say can be used against you. By doing this, it will keep away all the cons from the pros as much as possible and therefore, future debates you will have in court can be better in your favor.
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    In conclusion, dress semi-formal.


  • When buying clothes for the event, ask some of the store employees for opinions on what you could wear. They might be able to help you find what you are looking for.

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