How to Dress Lesbian Chic

Finding the perfect balance between menswear and womenswear can be challenging in the fashion world. The 'Lesbian Chic' look will allow one to combine both looks into a classy, metrosexual style


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    Stock up on blazers, skinny or straight-leg jeans, chino shorts, cardigans, crew-neck sweaters, button-downs, polos, t-shirts, and tank tops. Stripes add flavor to an otherwise solid-color outfit. Small polka dots are okay as well, in moderation.
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    Layer! Wear button-downs under sweaters or blazers and cuff the sleeves. Put a blazer or cardigan over a t-shirt or tank-top. Experiment with layering and see what works for you.
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    Belts can come in handy when tying an outfit together. Make sure to own at least one brown and one black leather (or faux leather) belt.
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    Wear sports bras on a regular basis, unless you prefer regular bras or a regular bra is absolutely necessary. Sports bras are comfortable and make your chest appear a little smaller.
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    Acquire some boat shoes, loafers, canvas shoes, and dark-colored or tan flip-flops.
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    Find a nice watch that you can wear every day. Also, invest in a good pair of sunglasses (Ray Bans, aviators, etc.).
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    Don't be afraid to wear some funky socks. They can be easily hidden from sight, or you can roll up your pant legs to show them off.
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    Purchase a messenger bag or purse to carry things around when needed, but don't have it with you all the time. Buy a wallet which you can slip into your back pocket when you leave your bag behind.


  • J.Crew factory is your new best friend. Not only does the factory store sell items at lower prices than regular J.Crew, but it also carries a wide array of clothing that suits this look. Places like Madewell and Banana Republic sell some of these items as well.
  • Jewelry is fine as long as it isn't excessive. Some bracelets and earrings will do.
  • Be sure to iron everything so that it appears fresh and crisp. This will also help you look more put-together.
  • Makeup is optional, though some eyeliner and/or lip gloss will definitely make you appear more polished.
  • Any hairstyle will do, but shorter styles often compliment this style well.
  • Maintain good hygiene--floss, brush your teeth, wash your face, shower daily, trim your finger- and toenails, etc.
  • Pea coats, gloves/mittens, and knit hats are good for winter. Be sure to get a hold of a pair of boots for the snow.
  • Try to eat healthy and remain physically fit.
  • Non-lesbians can dress this way as well. The fact that a woman chooses this look does not mean that she is gay and vice versa.

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