How to Dress Like a "Sexy Lady", if You Are a Male

Cross dressing is an art; it allows you to design a new identity and can be very entertaining and rewarding. Dressing as a woman can be very private, only for your enjoyment and stimulation or you can share the experience with others.


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    Invest in a good quality Wig that you are very comfortable with. The ideal style should have layers around the head and face, to soften the strong male features. Make sure that you choose the correct size or you may experience headaches and burning of scalp.
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    Get some quality jewelry or you can borrow from a woman . Make sure that they draw attention to your hairstyle, outfit and face. Chandelier clip on earrings are a great choice if your ears are not pierced. Precious stones that drop down to your shoulders and move with you are enchanting to the eyes, sells a multi strand shoulder duster earrings and rhinestone choker to adorn your neck. Avoid discomfort on your ear lobes by adding moleskin pad to the inside of the clip. Any drugstore sells moleskin.
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    Wear a "Corset", to give you feminine curves. Large breasts and a full derrière are not necessary to be appealing, but if you are interested, look on the Internet.
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    Next is the "Shoes",they describe how you feel about yourself. Remember that you are hot, sexy and desirable, choose shoes with heels. Learn to balance your weight on the balls of your feet as you walk ( walk tiptoe in the privacy of your home) Stiletto shoes are very sexy because the heel is slender and long but difficult to walk on. Let's be practical, purchase a shoe with a thicker heel, much easier to balance your weight on the heels. Always choose a shoe one size wider because feet swell, making it difficult to walk without feeling discomfort!!!
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    Fishnet stockings, a satin garter, a transparent pantie or satin pantie will put you in the mood for fun and compliment the shoes.
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    When you choose a garment to wear, keep in mind that the fabric must stretch on your body for a better fit. If you are not planning to shave your chest or arms, do wear a long sleeve and high collar dress or shirt. Ideally, a feminine lacy stretch or transparent fabric works well to feel sexy.
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    Your hands need to be cover with gloves to soften the look or better yet, be daring and have your nails done professionally. Do not feel shy, inform the manager of the nail salon that you have been invited to a Costume Party. Exaggerate and choose the longest extensions, your partner will enjoy the feel of your nails as they caress the skin. Do have the tips gently rounded and the color of the polish should remind you of pearls. You will be using your hands for gestures and also see them as jewelry. Train your wrists to rotate in outer circles to develop graceful feminine gestures. Develop a habit to exercise your upper limbs to be graceful by rotating your forearms in front of you and on the sides of your body. Think circles when you are moving your arms or hands. If you need to improve your manual dexterity, practice the following exercise. Extend your thumbs and rotate them, do large circles,use all those muscles. Repeat the activity with every finger.
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    Makeup, start by moisturizing your lips with a chap stick. Meanwhile, begin to work on your eyes. Use an eyeliner to draw attention to the outer sides of your eyes. Keep in mind that the eyes should be wide set, color only the outer corners. Mascara will add length to your lashes, dab a green eyeshadow on the lids of your eyes for fun and flair. A creamy blush works well on the skin of your face, using your middle finger tips, dab some color on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and earlobes. Drop your jaw to stretch the skin as you apply blush to your cheeks to avoid tugging the face. Blend the blush well to resemble a natural healthy face. Wipe your lips clean and apply a long lasting stain/color to your lips, use a toothbrush to soften and even out the color. An electric toothbrush works well to remove excess blush from temples, eyebrows or any area on the face. The ideal location to apply your make-up and wig is in front of a 3-way mirror, you will be able to see yourself at different angles to achieve your goal.


  • Learning to be more graceful and sensual is easy, study and practice bellydancing in your home. Please, go to and place your cursor on "Genres", click on "Special Interest", then "Dance". Open "Bellydance" and search for the identical twins, Neena and Veena Bidasha.They have three videos to guide you to improve your body image with easy to follow movements and steps. Suhaila Salimpour has several videos, she is known for her derriere workout. "The Art of the Drum Solo", is also a very good video, Issam Houshan plays the drums very well for you to practice your moves.
  • It might be come addictive, If so, enter Costume Competitions to win prizes. New York City, New Orleans, Key West, Los Angeles and many other places offer competitions.
  • Listen to music, make yourself a drink, and do the following exercises in front of a floor length mirror. Keep your knees slightly bent,do not lock them. Step forward with the right foot and shift your weight and hip to that area, exaggerate the movement,then lean back to shift the weight to the original foot. Sway back and forth to the rhythm of the music. When you are comfortable with the movement take small steps forward to move around , while you are swaying back and forth. Repeat the movement with the other leg. Once you get the hang of it, walk backwards, then sideways, always swaying those hips. The more you train yourself, the faster you will notice the difference.
  • If you are planning to enter a Costume Competition, you will need to improve your posture. Most people take for granted their erector spine, neck and abdominal muscles, but if you choose to be judge by others, an excellent posture wins their attention. has a very good web site. If you have the personality to entertain others and can keep control of your shame or doubts, you will be rewarded for your talent. To stand out from the crowd, I suggest for you to learn to sway your hips naturally when you walk. The mind and body remembers habits, good or bad and they become natural.

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