How to Dress Like a Stripper

Three Methods:Dressing Like a Female StripperDressing Like a Male StripperMaintaining Personal Hygiene

Whether you are just getting started as a stripper, or you just plain like the look, there is a lot to consider when it comes to getting dressed. Fortunately, there are some pretty straightforward guidelines you can follow. Remember, not all strippers look identical—there’s plenty of room to inject your own personal style.

Method 1
Dressing Like a Female Stripper

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    Wear the right shoes. The most important thing is to pick heels a minimum of 3 inches, preferably 6. These will be the most flattering for your legs and stomach. If you really plan to wear these for stripping, look for shoes with plastic 1-piece soles and heels, as these will be most durable and forgiving. Sticking no-slip pads on the bottom is also a good idea.[1]
    • Don’t overstep yourself. If you’re not comfortable walking in heels, work your way up to them, rather than going straight to 6-inch heels.
    • Use a blow drier to mold plastic shoes to the shape of your feet. Soften the plastic with the warm air, and slip the shoe on when it is pliable but not hot. Use your hands to gently mold it to your foot, and let it cool.[2]
    • Look for the most comfortable heels you can find. Heels are by nature not the most comfortable shoes in the world, but your feet will thank you if you keep comfort in mind as you shop.
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    Wear the right underwear. Many strippers purchase dancing bottoms designed specifically for that purpose, instead of normal underwear or bikini bottoms.[3] If you are just dressing up for fun or fashion, though, a thong will work just fine.
    • Neon colors and lace are always good choices.
    • Not many real strippers wear G-strings, because many state laws require a certain amount of skin to be covered. Of course, no one is going to call you on that if you’re just dressing up for fun.[4]
    • Erotic dancewear, which is more durable and flexible than underwear or bathing suit bottoms, can be purchased from websites like Spurst, BodyKandi, or Yandy.
    • Incorporate your personal taste—wear what makes you feel sexy!
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    Wear the right clothes. There are lots of ways you can go with this, and as always, the most important part is to pick something that makes you feel hot. There are a number of other factors to consider, however.
    • Fit: The biggest priority is to pic something flattering. Tight-fitting things are great, as are low-cut tops, and short bottoms.
    • Color: Neon colors are always popular, and black or red can be very dramatic. You should of course take into consideration which colors look best with your skin tone and hair color. If you really plan on stripping in a club, avoid white. Most strip clubs have black lights, and white clothing can be problematic.[5]
    • Fabric: Distressed denim is a classic, whether you’re wearing Daisy Dukes or a denim miniskirt. Jersey, lycra, or other fabrics that allow you to move without restriction will make dancing easier. You might also consider wearing something see-through.
    • Style: Dresses are the most natural choice, as they are easiest to remove quickly. You might also consider wearing a low-cut shirt with a miniskirt, leggings and a crop top, shorts and a bikini top, or a leotard with a garter belt and garters, if you’re looking for a more burlesque look.[6]
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    Wear the right accessories. Many genuine strippers don’t wear much in the way of jewelry, as it tends to get in the way or create a distraction. There are some options to consider, however.
    • Piercings can be fun, as long as they don’t get in the way. Consider getting one in your navel or nose. Studs or very small hoops will be the least likely to get caught on things.
    • Glitter adds sparkle to you look without adding clunky jewelry.[7]
    • Hair extensions will let you flip your hair around in a sexy way.[8][9]
    • A garter belt can give you that old-school pinup girl look.
    • A collar or leather choker could be a good choice if you are going for a kinky, bondage vibe.
    • Fishnet stockings are a sexy classic.
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    Wear the right makeup. Of course, there is no one way strippers make themselves up, and the most important thing is to find a style that makes you feel sexy. There are thousands of makeup tutorial videos available to watch online if you want to improve your makeup game.[10][11] If you’re already a makeup pro, there are some simple ideas to consider.[12]
    • Dark, smoky eyeshadow
    • Cat eyes
    • Thick mascara, or fake eyelashes[13]
    • Thin, highly arched, penciled eyebrows
    • Glossy lips
    • Liberal layers of foundation and concealer to hide any flaws in your skin (consider applying these to your body as well as your face—one thing that sets strippers’ beauty routine apart from that of other women is the extent to which they apply makeup to their bodies)[14]

Method 2
Dressing Like a Male Stripper

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    Wear briefs. Boxers are not form-fitting enough, and for whatever reason, many people are not particularly attracted to men in thongs.[15] Buy contoured, well-fitting briefs that accentuate your body.
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    Wear short, tight clothes. There are fewer clothing options out there for men, and this tends to be a less important part of male strippers’ lives.[16] The most important thing to remember is to show a lot of skin, and to wear clothes tight enough to show off the muscles underneath.[17]
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    Invest in some tear-off clothes. This is one of the defining qualities of the clothes worn by male strippers. While you can buy pre-made tear-off clothes, any clothes can be turned into tear-off clothes. Purchase clothing 3 or 4 sizes too big, and install Velcro along the outer seams. If you are crafty you can do this yourself, but if not a tailor will easily be able to help.[18]
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    Think twice about body hair. Some strippers cultivate a persona for which facial or body hair is appropriate, but as a general rule most strippers are pretty hairless. Consider keeping your face shaved clean and getting your chest waxed.
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    Consider makeup. Not all male strippers use makeup, but if you are performing in a club you may find the stage lights wash out the definition in your facial features. If so, one way to increase your tips might be to start applying a little stage makeup. If done right, this should enhance your features, rather than making it immediately apparent that you are wearing makeup.[19]
    • If you do have facial hair, use an eyebrow pencil to give it definition.[20]
    • Apply a neutral foundation under your cheekbones to exaggerate their shape.
    • Line your lips with a neutral foundation. You may also want to apply some lip balm to keep them from drying out.[21]
    • Brown eyeliner can make your eyelashes appear thicker. Stop before you get to the corners of your eyes—if the lines meet, the effect will be too obvious.[22]
    • Lightly mist yourself with a glitter spray to draw eyes to your muscles.[23]

Method 3
Maintaining Personal Hygiene

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    Shave with oil. This will help prevent red bumps, and will help keep your skin moisturized. Coconut oil works especially well, and will make you smell good too. If it is solid, rub it between your hands to warm it up before applying it to your legs.
    • To get extra smooth skin, exfoliate your body before shaving.[24]
    • Remember, when shaving your legs, shave against the grain; when shaving your bikini zone, shave with the grain.
    • You will probably want to keep your bikini zone close to hairless, so it may be better to skip shaving and get it professionally waxed.
    • A little oil goes a long way. Don’t use too much.[25]
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    Wash your face well. Washing your face is an important part of anyone’s routine if you want to avoid breakouts or oily skin. It is especially important, however, if you tend to wear a lot of makeup.
    • Wash your hands first. You can’t get your face clean with dirty fingers.[26]
    • Use makeup remover to ensure you skin is totally clear.[27]
    • Exfoliate gently. Scrubbing aggressively can damage your skin, rather than cleaning it.[28]
    • Rinse with warm water.[29]
    • Dry your face with a clean towel.[30]
    • Use a cotton ball to apply toner to problem areas.[31]
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    Smell good. You want your presence to be alluring and intoxicating. People should want to be near you. That means you have to smell good.
    • Wear perfume. Find something subtle and sweet. Most importantly, it should be something you like. You’ll be inhaling more of it than anyone else, after all. That said, pay attention to people’s responses. If you get a lot of wrinkled noses, retire that perfume.
    • If you are allergic to perfume, or just plain don’t like it, moisturizing with coconut oil and washing your face with a fragrant soap will give you a more subtle sweet smell. [32]
    • Make sure not to overdo it with the scents, as this can be incredibly off-putting.[33]
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    Take care of your nails. This is a surprisingly important part of your overall presentation, and it can make a big difference.[34] A stripper with sloppy nails will seem much cheaper than one with well-manicured nails.
    • Leave it to a professional. Unless you are very good at doing your own, go out and have a professional work on your nails.
    • Remember your feet. This is especially important if you wear open-toe shoes.[35] Treat yourself to a pedicure every so often. If you are a real stripper, however, make sure not to let them remove the callouses on your feet—you need them![36]
    • You don’t need to go crazy; you don’t want your nails to be a distraction. A neutral color with French tips will do just fine.


  • Dress for yourself. If you want to dress “like a stripper” because it makes you feel sexy and confident, that’s great. If you want to do it because of what other people think, maybe reconsider. Don’t let other people tell you what you should do with your body.
  • Don’t let anyone shame you. You have the right to wear whatever you want, and dressing a particular way doesn’t mean you “deserve” to be treated badly. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, remove yourself from the situation, and remember you are not at fault.

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