How to Dress Modestly (for Females)

Whether it's for religious or personal reasons, if you want to dress more modestly, here's the guide to how to cover up.


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    Go through your closet. Don't throw out/donate clothes that seem immodest on their own. For example, a deep V-necked shirt can be layered with a cute tank top underneath, or a tank top can have a cardigan over it. If you can't change it up or layer it to make it modest then get rid of it. A loose shirt with a skirt that is not revealing, and is at least 5 inches below the knees is very modest and appropriate. Donate it if you can.
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    Decide what your standards of modesty are. Does modesty for you mean dressing in a way your relatives would approve of? Does it mean covering your shoulders and thighs? Does it mean avoiding clothes that cling to your skin? Is it covering your arms and legs? Figure out what makes you comfortable and feels right to you.
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    Try your clothes on in front of a large mirror. See how your clothing fits you and what impression it conveys. Bend over, sit down, wave your arms around. Make sure your clothes don't shift around too much. Rule of thumb for some modesty, if you can lift your arms up and see skin get something else. If you sit down and your skirt rides up too much then it's probably not modest. Same with bending over.
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    When you go shopping, keep your eyes out for modest clothing. If what's in is crop-tops and that's not modest for you, look in other places, such as second-hand clothing stores and online stores. Also recognize that it might take longer to find clothing, but it's certainly possible.
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    Like to online shop? No problem, measure yourself and write down all measurements. Most stores online will list how long a dress, shorts, or top is, so you can know exactly how it will fit you without trying it on first!
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    Buy lots of shawls and scarves. These can be worn over tops with low necklines and/or exposed shoulders, to keep you modest. They also add an extra layer in winter!
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  • Remember: just because you decide to dress more modestly doesn't mean you have to abandon all hope of dressing in a unique and cute manner. You're not doomed to live life in a floor length jumper. Instead, look at this as a chance to get the style you've always wanted. Have fun with finding a classier more beautiful you! Shopping for cool modest clothing may seem tricky at first, but you get better and better as time goes by. Pretty soon all your friends will want to know where you get your clothes.
  • Buy long shirts. Let's face it; few people look good in clothes that reveal their stomachs and lower backs. Long shirts cover the waist and prevent the likelihood of an embarrassing situation when bending over.
  • Making the transition to a more modest lifestyle is always easier if you do it with a friend. Find a good shopping buddy who's just as interested in changing their wardrobe as you are. You can help each other when deciding what's appropriate, and you can help each other with finding and arranging awesome outfits.
  • You can be both trendy and modest! For example, you can still wear the statement necklace and bangles with a looser shirt and a long skirt.
  • Layer your clothing! Have a tight long-sleeved shirt? Wear a loose sleeveless shirt over it as a vest. It looks really stylish when done correctly and keeps with the reverence of the female form.
  • Love your miniskirts? That's okay! They look adorable layered over longer skirts, cropped pants, leggings, or your favorite pair of jeans.
  • In Judaism, there are Halakha laws regarding modest female clothes – those are easy to observe while still being up to date and fashionable as possible. Simply cover your head with a scarf, Avoid showing your arm above the elbow and favour long skirts over pants when possible. It’s really quite easy.


  • Guys with a decent amount of integrity are hard to find, but if you dress modestly, you will attract the right kind--someone who likes you for you, not your skimpy clothes.
  • The purpose of dressing modestly is to not cause others to look at you in a way they shouldn't.
  • As with all fashions, don't go too crazy with the creativity, unless looking radically different is your unique style.

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