How to Dress to Enhance Small Breasts

If your breasts are on the smaller side, a few basic wardrobe pieces can help create the illusion of a bustier appearance.


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    Choose the right bra. If you have small breasts, push-up bras add a bit more volume and look great under v-neck tops, as well as high neck t-shirt tops with cut–off arms or no sleeves.
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    Backless dresses are perfect for spring and summer and create a sexy look without the need for a large bust.
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    Wear clothes with chest and neckline details. Experiment with ruffles, pleats, frills, and ruching to distract the eye from the size of your bust. With smaller breasts you can look classy in low-cut, scoop-neck, and plunging necklines without showing too much cleavage.
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    Horizontal stripes naturally add width and can make your breasts look larger.
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    Balance your outfit. Stick to light colors on top and darker colors on your bottom half. Jewelry, such as chokers, can draw attention from a flat chest; halterneck tops give shoulders more width. Tops or dresses with spaghetti straps, curvy jackets cinched at the waist, coat dresses, and ballet-style cardigans all help complement a small bust.


  • Wearing too many ruffles on your top half can have the opposite effect of making your breasts look even smaller.
  • If you opt for a low-cut dress or top, make sure the rest of the fabric is decently fitted so that you don't reveal too much when leaning over.

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