Method 1
Drinking Method 1

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    Fill a glass with water.
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    Bend over until you are as upside down as possible, then drink the water.
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    Don't stop to breathe! That should cure your hiccups.

Method 2
Drinking Method 2

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    Get a 12 ounce glass of water.
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    Hold your nose shut by pinching the sides with your fingers.
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    Drink as much water as you can as fast as you can. You should feel your ears pop slightly.
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    Repeat the steps, if necessary.

Method 3
Drinking Method 3

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    Get a small glass of water.
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    Take a sip of water but do not swallow it.
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    Tilt your head back as far as possible and swallow the water. It's harder then drinking normally, but your hiccups should be gone.

Method 4
Drinking Method 4

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    Fill a glass of water to the brim.
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    With your thumbs, plug your ears.
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    With your index fingers, plug your nostrils (squeeze to close).
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    With both ears and nostrils plugged, use your remaining free fingers to grasp the glass and raise it to your mouth.
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    Finish the entire glass of water without releasing your ears or your nostrils.

Method 5
Drinking Method 5

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    Fill two tall 12 oz. glasses with cool water and set them on a table in front of you. The second glass is for just in case you finish the first one, if you really need it.
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    Close your eyes and settle yourself. Confidence and positive thinking are important here, so chill out and loosen up.
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    Pick up the first glass and wait for a hiccup. Just after it hits, begin drinking slowly, steadily and continuously until the glass is empty.
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    Try not to think about hiccuping as you set the empty glass down. Hopefully you will have interrupted the rhythm of the hiccups, but if not then you will have to go to the second glass and repeat the process.
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    Drink the second glass of water, slow and steadily, and do your best to remain calm and relaxed. By the time you've finished, the hiccups should be gone.

Method 6
Drinking Method 6

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    Fill a glass with cool drinking water.
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    Get a clean paper towel. (If you have no paper towels, a thin cloth will work.)
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    Cover the top of the glass with the paper towel. Fold down the edges of the paper towel to completely wrap the top of the glass. Hold the paper towel in place by grasping the glass in your hand.
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    Drink a sip of water through the paper towel.
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    One sip is often enough; if not, take a few more sips.

Method 7
Drinking Method 7

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    Fill a glass to the brim with room temperature water.
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    Slowly drink the entire glass of water by taking very small quick sips. Don't chug the water and do not remove the glass from your mouth. You should be continuously swallowing small sips of water.
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    Once you finish the water, take long, slow breaths and try to relax; your hiccups should be gone.

Method 8
Drinking Method 8

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    Fill a drinking glass with room temperature water.
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    With glass in hand, bend over at your waist.
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    Place your lips on the side of the glass opposite that from which you would normally drink. Your bottom lip should be above the lip of the glass where your top lip would normally be, and your top lip should be against the side of the glass against the edge where your bottom lip would normally be.
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    Carefully tip the glass away from you and into your mouth.
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    Swallow and repeat. Your hiccups should be gone.

Method 9
Drinking Method 9

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    Get a bottle of water.
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    Instead of drinking normally, drink with your bottom lip in the lower portion of the opening and your top lip over the top. You develop a "vacuum" to keep from spilling or pouring it down your shirt. It doesn't take much; just a sip or two will work.

Method 10
Drinking Method 10

  1. 1
    Start with a small glass of water (about 4 ounces).
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    Put in about half as much crushed ice as you have water. Make sure that the ice bits are smaller than a pea, or choking may result!
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    Drink the water slowly, swallowing the ice bits along with the water. If you encounter large pieces of ice, chew so that they break into pea-sized segments and swallow.
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    Take deep breaths in between sips. Inhale and exhale, making sure that the air goes into your lungs, so your cheeks shouldn't "puff up" and fill with air.
    • Your hiccups should be gone after you finish drinking.
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    If that does not work, repeat the above method. But, this time, put in 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Method 11
Drinking Method 11

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    Pour about a medium glass of water into a cup.
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    Put a metal spoon in the glass with the handle side sticking out. The handle must be out of water.
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    Tilt the cup toward your lips like you're about to take a sip.
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    Make sure the spoon handle is pressing against the area between your eye brows.
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    Take a few sips of water while the spoon is pressing against the area between your eyebrows, and your hiccups will be gone!

Method 12
Drinking Method 12

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    Get a glass of water.
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    Take a sip standing upright, but don't swallow.
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    Turn your head upside down and swallow slowly.

Method 13
Drinking Method 13

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    Get a partner and a cup filled with water.
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    Stand facing the partner, bent forward at the waist.
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    Have your partner tilt the cup to your lips, and drink.

Method 14
Drinking Method 14 - Straw & Nose Pinch Method

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    Get a cup filled with a non-carbonated beverage of your choice and a straw.
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    Take a deep breath and hold it. Pinch your nostrils with one hand.
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    With the other hand, raise the cup to your mouth and swallow as much as you can through the straw while holding your breath.

Method 15
Drinking Method 15

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    Get any size glass of water.
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    Start to stand on your right leg. While doing that, put your left thumb in your left ear.
  3. 3
    Drink the water until your hiccups are gone.

Method 16
Holding Your Breath and Drinking Method

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    Hold your breath.
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    Take 5-10 sips of water. (Be careful, start small if you have a hard time holding your breath for awhile.)
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    Exhale slowly.

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