How to Earn 100 Dollars in One Week (for Kids)

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Earning $100 in one week is hard work, especially when you're a kid or teenager. Doing one thing probably won't do it -- but doing a whole bunch of things could make you reach your goal, no problem. So round up all your spare time and start brainstorming. Which of the following ideas sounds doable and profitable?

Method 1
Helping neighbors

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    Ask your neighbors how you can help. There are a million things you could help your neighbors do, especially if they're elderly. If your parents give you the okay, go knocking on some doors and ask, but have a few ideas in mind. Sometimes people don't know what they need! Here's some ideas to get you started:
    • Wash cars
    • Mow and edge lawns
    • Weed the garden
    • Organize the recycling
    • Weekly things, such as taking out the trash.
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    Try house-sitting. Since you're next door, you can easily walk over to a neighbor's house and watch over it while they're gone. They can then go worry-free about their business, knowing their house is safe. Talk about easy work! (Just don't throw any parties.)

Method 2
Seasonal help

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    Take advantage of winter, spring, summer, and fall. If you live in an area that has definite seasons, use the seasons to your advantage to tailor your money-making schemes.
    • In summer, you can mow lawns and sell lemonade.
    • In autumn, you can rake leaves.
    • In winter, you can shovel snow or hang lights.
    • In spring, you can help plant gardens and ready the garden for planting.
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    Use the holidays to your advantage. In addition to the seasons, take advantage of holidays!
    • Hang up or take down lights
    • House/pet/babysit when your neighbors have holiday plans that need attending
    • Make crafts and things that celebrate the occasion. Grow pumpkins for October or roses for Mother's Day, you could make homemade chocolates for Valentines -- what holiday is coming up that you could get in on a piece of the pie?

Method 3
Caring for pets

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    Walk dogs. If you have neighbors who own dogs, ask if they need the dogs to be walked. Be sure to check with the neighbors who seem busiest first, as they will find your offer helpful.
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    Offer pet-sitting or babysitting services. If you're old enough to where you can be trusted with a small animal or child, get into pet or babysitting! If you have a little brother or sister, you probably have all the experience necessary.
    • Let your neighbors know that you're almost always available and would happily watch their child/pet while they're out on the town or on vacation. Do they have your phone number?

Method 4
Mini jobs or services

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    Get a paper route. If you have a bicycle and an arm, you're good to go. All you have to do in the morning is get up, grab the papers dropped off to you, and get on your bike and go!
    • Sometimes the ones close by are already taken. Contact your local paper and ask them for details -- they may have other things you can do or keep you in mind when yours opens up.
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    Start tutoring. If you're really good at math, science, English, history, or any subject, why not tutor? Almost everyone wants good grades. Get the word out that you'll offer tutoring for a minimal fee -- and that you have the good grades to prove that you can help. Talk to parents or teachers or your local tutoring facility to get started.
    • This can help you get smarter, too! Teaching things to others solidifies concepts in our brains. If you can get in on this, it can be something you do for years to come.
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    Do what you're good at. You probably have something that others can't do, or at least can't do well. What are they? They may seem pretty normal to you -- but maybe you could make some money off these skills! Here's a few ideas to get your brain cooking:
    • Can you sew? Consider making clothes (or accessories -- think belts, pins, lanyards, hair ties, clips, etc.) for kids or adults.
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    • Are you super tech-savvy? Offer your computer skills to those adults that are still clueless in 2016.
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    • How about art? Think small -- Christmas ornaments or holiday pieces are a good place to start.
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    • Do you play music or sing? You may be able to play at small parties, church gatherings, or community events. Especially if your rates are cheap!
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    • Do you have stuff laying around the house that you don't need? If so, then maybe you should start a yard sale.

Method 5
Household chores

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    Do chores around home. Does Mom need the house vacuumed? Does Dad need the lawn watered? Create a list of chores you could do for the week and put a price next to each one.
    • Chores that take more time and energy should have a heftier fee. At the bottom of the paper write a short paragraph stating the date that all of the chores need to be done and how much money you would make if they were all completed on time.
    • Then have your parents sign the paper in agreement. If they don't agree with your prices, negotiate. When you both sign, you agree to do all of them -- no backing out!
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    Recycle. It is good for the environment and for your wallet! Find empty cans and bottles, and exchange them for cash. Remember - some states do not do this. But if yours does, take advantage of it! It may not be wads and wads of cash, but it'll slowly add up over time.
    • Go around to the neighbors you know and ask if you can have some of their cans and bottles. Explain that you're trying to make $100 in a week and you need their help to meet their goal. They may even have more ideas!
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    Work something out with your parents. Chores don't have to be the only way your parents reward you. They may be willing to offer you some money for good grades or other things you do well. Talk about it! Ask them what they want you to do on your end that they'd be willing to hand over some dollar bills for.
    • Some parents pay for exceptionally good grades, some pay if you hand over candy, some pay if you throw out your old toys -- so ask! They may have a few ideas, too.

Method 6

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    Hold a garage sale. If your parents, family members, or neighbors are having a garage sale, get in on it! Ask if you can have part of a table and have whatever money you make from the items you sell. Now the question: what are you willing to part with?
    • Don't try to sell your artwork, your dolls with one arm and one eye, or your Legos that you put into the blender. No one will buy them. Just look for things that are still in good condition but that you no longer use. Someone else could use and love them!
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    Go to consignment shops to sell your old stuff. There are several places that will take your things, put a price on them, and then give you most of the money when they sell. So gather up the things you don't need, ask Mom to take you, and head to the nearest consignment shop.
    • Consider selling some of your old things that you don't want anymore on eBay or a similar website. Have you been collecting anything that you have doubles of or don't want anymore?
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    Start baking, growing, or making things. This one takes a little bit of know-how and creativity. But if you have those two things, why not give it a shot? Consider a couple of these ideas:
    • Can you make a mean cinnamon roll? Consider asking your neighbors if they'd like homemade cinnamon rolls delivered to their door on Sundays. People who live alone may love the treat, never bothering to bake for themselves!
    • Have a garden? Consider growing fruits or vegetables.
    • Are you good at woodworking, sewing, or crafting in general? Homemade things are all the rage. If there's something you can create that would be great for gift-giving, make it and sell it!

Method 7
Opportunities for Teenagers

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    Look for day labor. Many local businesses hire day laborers for basic tasks. Though being under 18 discounts you from many jobs, you may be able to find work as a sign holder or greeter, especially if you're already in your teens. Peruse the classifieds for listings. If you remember noticing a business that employed a young-looking teen to hold a sign or something like that, call them and ask if they have any work.
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    Find a job that earns tips if you're in your teens. Paid jobs often correspond to paychecks that take a few weeks before you see them in your bank account. However, you can get around the paycheck problem with a job that earns cash tips. This way, you have a check on the way as well as cash in your pocket immediately.
    • Some examples of jobs that earn tips that teens work are restaurant hosts, busboys and servers, bellhops, and golf caddies.[1]
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    Look for a part-time job. If you’re having trouble finding people to pay you for your services, get a part-time job sooner rather than later. It is better to have that $100, or more, 3 weeks from now rather than not at all. Besides, it takes time for any teenage lawn mowing business to find regular customers. While you are spreading the word about your services, get the training phase of a part-time job out of the way.

Method 8
General Advice

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    Decide why you need the money. When asking family, friends, and neighbors to hire you for household chores, remember that it is more of a favor to you than them. Your reason for wanting to earn $100 fast can either make or break this for you. If you have a good reason, they might respect your resourcefulness in finding a responsible way to earn the money. If your reason is silly, illegal, or you don’t have one, they may tell you to move along.
    • Some examples of good reasons are buying new guitar strings, taking music courses at the community center, or signing up you and your sibling to run a charity 5k.
    • Bad reasons might be buying a new smartphone because you broke your fifth this year, paying back someone at school for something you don’t want to name, or buying fireworks.
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    Put up fliers. It is easy to attach a flier to your mailbox, or stick it in your front yard. This is a way to make sure that only trusted people in your neighborhood are contracting your services, preferably individuals you already know. Make sure to include your contact information so people know how to get in touch with you. Check out this guide for more on advertising your services.
    • If there are community centers in your area, put up fliers on the bulletin board with tear-off phone number tabs. This makes it easy for people to grab your contact information on their way out the door.
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    Advertise in the classifieds. The easiest way to get the word out about your services is on internet classifieds. Make sure you are not putting any specific information about your identity or residence in the ad. Only reply to legitimate sounding solicitations. You can also look for print or newspaper classifieds. Though these are less utilized than their internet counterparts, many people still peruse them for goods and services.
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    Ask your nuclear and extended family. Family members are often happy to hire their relative to help with chores around the house. Tell them what you specialize in, but be open to doing whatever they need. For example, even though you prefer babysitting, don’t pass up that $40 for lawn mowing, which would put you 40% of the way to that $100. If they sympathize with your cause, they are more likely to hire you.


  • Charge a decent price for your services. Too high will shoo people away, but too low will not earn you enough money.
  • Make sure that everyone is in agreement as to how much money you will receive. You would never want to get shorted!
  • Make sure you ask your parents before doing this.
  • Charge money for car washes and change the price according to the size of the car.
  • Don't bite off more than you can chew! You won't get credit or money for half-done work!
  • If you get an allowance, add that to your total.
  • If you make a flyer, make sure your parents won't mind you using the paper for free. If you need to pay for the paper yourself, be careful about how many fliers you make, or it will take a bite out of the money you earn!
  • Keep change when you're given money to buy things. Provided your parents don't mind, pocket the change, then transfer it to your own savings. It will all add up! (You can even go without a snack when you buy a ticket, etc., to get extra money.)
  • Sometimes, parents won't let you get money for chores. Take this as a minor setback and keep trying.
  • You could be an entertainer for kids, but be sure to learn some magic tricks or juggling.
  • Make sure to pick something that suits you. Like if you're creative you could run a booth in a craft show. If you like getting messy, washing cars is a good start for you. If you like to be in charge, have a solo business (but with your parents help of course).
  • Do chores.
  • You could also sell bracelets that are weaved or from a loom like rainbow loom.
  • Make sure what you are selling is worth the price or the job is well done, so you can earn more money.


  • Don't do anything dangerous! Always be safe, especially around strangers.
  • Don't talk to complete strangers without a parent nearby.
  • Don't wear yourself out with all of those jobs. You won't be able to keep your word.
  • Also when doing a job, you don't want to get your good clothes dirty, so wear clothes you can get dirty in and can wash afterwards.

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