How to Earn Money Using Language Power

Language is a medium of interaction between more than 2 people. But do you know that it can be used to earn a lot of money as well. Provided you must be perfect in the language with which you want to work with.


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    Most important, be perfect in grammar, spelling, use of attractive words in English and an any other language if you wish. You should also be good speaking and polite.
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    If you want to work alone, write poems, songs, stories or novels & publish their ads. You can't do this alone if it is a start. You will need money or you will have to contact with a company or publisher/editor. For this type of earning not only needs language knowledge, but an extreme power of imagination, too. You can also write blogs or publish your personal web pages containing your writings. Now, companies will give you money to publish their ads on your website only if there is a heavy traffic on your website which is possible only after interesting writings on the web pages.
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    Another way is easy to start but a lot of hard working as you may have to sit for hours on computer. You must know typing. If not so, you may hire a person or take help of your friend who knows typing. You must also have a computer with a broadband connection. Here is a trick: ask online if anyone needs fast writing or want an accurate and fast speech recognition (you may also ask offline). When you receive reply, turn on any feature of your phone or PC which enables voice communication. Connect to the customer and hear to him/her carefully and keep on typing. After you have finished, e-mail the document back to the customer and take charge for the service you provided. Before serving, you will have to ask the customer to give his/her e-mail address.
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    In order to add, you may use YouTube or any other free and popular website.
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    You can even work for a company for whole month or year after receiving charges.
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    You can also open up your online service to translate between two languages or vivid natives either by speaking or by writing.
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    Once you become well-known in your city, you can open up your school for teaching various languages.
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    Gradually start to provide service men hired by you to people travelling in a country whose language you don't know but the service men know. Service men can translate conversation between the local people of the nation and the traveler. If you earn $6000 per month and offer $500 to service men, you save 5500$!
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    Develop your own software to help with your work (may take help or hire experts).
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    Start publishing your public newspapers, magazines, comics and books.
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    Start a service for publishing letters and inviting cards for busy people. You'll take money for all of your services.
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    Considering allowing discounts for small services to customers buying costly services to attract them.
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    Start organizing competitions on language and declare a bumper/super-duper prize. Even here, you can earn a good profit. You ought to try it only after your service becomes famous. How do you earn here? See the example-you declared following prices : applying form-2$,1st prize-3000$, 2nd prize-$1500 & 3rd prize-$500. Suppose 10,000 students took part in the competition. Amount you earn=$10,000*2=$20,000. Amount you gave in prize-$1,500+$3,000+$500=$5,000. Your profit=$20,000-$5,000=$15,000!
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    Keep on working, advertising and serving your customers with a smile and you may become president of an international language company someday!


  • Help people having problem to read by reading aloud written words wherever necessary.
  • Always speak in a mannerly and humble way to your customers.
  • It will give your first shop a professional look if you install at least 2 PCs, photocopy machines, scanners, fax machines, wonderful software, printers, communication machines and much more if you have sufficient capital to start.
  • Provide singers for parties singing popular or songs made by your company.


  • Never violate copyrighted materials.

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