How to Embrace the Darker Side of Life

If you look around in today`s society, you`ll be sure to find the majority of people to be offspring of the Sun. What they don`t know, is that the Sun they so love is a raving hypocrite. "Oh, the blessed Sun! He provides us warmth and shines so bright!" Ah, but the Sun may be bright and comforting on the outside, but deep inside of it`s core, there is nothing more than a black pit of death, the dark fire. Children of Mother Moon, or skeptic offspring of Father Sun, here you will find much treasured information, in which to attain the shadow inside...the darkness in all of us.


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    Meditate. A useful tool in which to cope with the troubles that the modern world brings; A mental graveyard. You come home, exhausted and fed up with the babbling sirens and perverse goat men that haunt our every day lives. Poetry, Art, Music, nor Literature seem to be enough to escape. What do you do to leave this wretched world? Lay your head down, and breathe slowly, close your eyes. Imagine your walking through a graveyard, a full moon gazing down at you tenderly. Each grave sprouting sweet buds of Barlow Columbine, lilac spreads along with the wind. Now, give yourself a shovel, and begin to dig a grave. Dig until you have dug quite deep. Cradling your worries, all the stress, all the pain, toss them into the pit. Bury them, and give them a grave marking. Once they are safe inside, move on and enjoy the rest of this dream.
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    Understand that The Night is your friend, your lover, your greatest fear. It holds so much mystery, so many secrets, yet you learn to get lost inside of it. Never will you ever be so happy to be lost, dancing among the clouds as the day dies, singing among the Taffeta Lei. Love the Night, and the Night will love you too.
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    Find beauty in what the common crowd would dismiss. A crumbling cathedral, the faint light reflected on a tomb, thorned flora and the shadows dancing along the walls at night. Orchestral bliss with a weeping violin, the ghost of a little girl emerging from the waters in which she drowned. Beautiful.
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    Don't isolate yourself from others, just because you may feel they don't understand. Close friends are a pleasure, and they should not be taken for granted. Share your opinions with them, laugh with them, brood with them, they are here to share memories with you.
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    Don't change yourself. If you like bubblegum pop and bright, flamboyant colors, so be it. The idea that darkness relates to evil in any way is completely ludicrous! Darkness is the unknown, darkness is raw emotion.


  • Love yourself, love the dark, and always be true to who you are.


  • Don`t give heed if others aren't content with who you are, for they don`t own you, and only your opinion should matter.

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