How to Embrace Your Curves

Okay, so you're not a perfect 10. You might be bigger than most woman you see nowadays, but who cares! Bigger women are far more beautiful, but if you don't feel too great about those curves of yours, you just need to boost yourself up a little bit.


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    Know that Confidence is the key. It is incredibly hard to be confident if you are unhappy with the way you look. Every morning when you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself something positive about your figure. For example 'My hips look really nice today'. Do this again after you have gotten ready for the day. Try to pick out bits of your curves that you like the most.
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    Don't be put off by your friends shapes. You are the shape you are for a reason. Just because your friend is tiny doesn't mean that you have to be. Don't think that just because you are big it doesn't mean you can't hang around with your thinner friends. They aren't going to judge you by your size, so relax, and have fun.
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    Don't be afraid of food. One of the worse things is going out with people and then being afraid of eating in case it makes you seem fatter (or, make it seem like you are eating all the time). Don't worry so much, and if you are hungry, invite everyone along with you to go get something to eat as well. You will feel less self conscious if other people are eating too, as they'll be far too busy with their food to worry about your size!
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    Remember that You are sexy. No matter how big you are, or how big you feel, it is a common fact that many people find curvier women sexier than thin women. Keep this in mind, especially during dates, and it will help you feel less worried about how your clothes are looking on your figure.
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    Dress for your shape. If you are really self conscious about your curves, try to avoid bright, bold, obvious colours. Opt for browns, greys, creams and whites. Black is brilliant, and instantly slimming, but try not to wear an all black outfit unless you are going out for the evening. Dark reds work well with black as well. Avoid too much jewelry and get a draping necklace to bring more attention to your chest.
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    Get fitted. Wear clothes that fit you, not clothes that are too baggy or too tight. Make sure you wear a bra that fits you well (Bravissimo is a fantastic place to go for the bigger woman) as this can make all the difference to your shape.
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    Always smile. A smile can make all the difference. Moody faces tend to look less attractive and slightly chubbier. Smile when you're feeling good (though don't overdo it, or you may look a little creepy!) and your whole face will radiate. A good smile makes you seem more confident, and more attractive, whatever your shape.
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    Be proud. There are many curvy ladies who are incredibly beautiful, and just with some added confidence in yourself, you can be a part of those beautiful curvy ladies.


  • Focus on your good points, rather than your flaws.
  • Skinny doesn't mean beautiful, so don't feel down when you're flicking through a magazine full of thin women. Keep in mind that they will probably never know the beauty that comes with being a curvy woman.
  • Take a friend shopping with you for clothes, they can help tell you what looks good on you and what doesn't.
  • Don't be afraid of dresses! They can look fabulous, no matter how big your curves are.
  • Take a look online for clothing lines dedicated to the bigger woman.
  • High heels can make you look taller, which will compliment your shape.
  • Avoid skinny jeans, and they can make legs look lumpy. Instead, opt for jeggings(jean-style leggings) or plain black leggings, in a size larger than your normal jean size (so, if you're normally a 14, get a 16). This makes them roomier, and much more comfortable, and allow for them to be pulled up more, which is especially good for any women who are conscious of their stomach. You can pull them over your stomach and then put your top on, and you will look flatter around your tummy!
  • Flared jeans are fantastic for women who aren't entirely happy with their thighs. They give a sexier shape to the thighs, and are a wardrobe requirement for the curvy woman who may be a bit leg-conscious.


  • If you ever face any bullying problems because of your weight, know that there are people who think you are beautiful. There are countless online communities to support curvier women and their confidence. If it becomes a serious problem, consult friends or family. Alternatively, if you are a young woman, and in high school, college, etc. you can consult a teacher or mentor.

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