How to Enhance Your Writing

Everyone gets stuck sometimes, unable to conjure a single word, unable to grasp the dramatization that the scene requires, or any other problems. Writing is like most things in life; it takes practice to learn the skills and it takes perseverance to keep the flow going. This article provides some methods through which you can enhance your writing without getting stuck at the blockages.


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    Get a journal, something that you enjoy writing with (colorful glitter pens, mechanical pencil-whatever) Make a special time to write everyday and make sure it is well lighted, quiet, and you can concentrate and be inspired.
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    When you are writing in general, ensure that you always try to keep the words flowing. A great way to practice this is to pick a random topic and write about that for 5-10 minutes, and never stop writing! Even if your words run dry, keep it flowing! It doesn't matter what you write; just write something!
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    Read widely! Read whatever you enjoy reading and figure out what you like about that author's writing and try to write like that. Also you will learn all sorts of new words.
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    Whenever you find out a very interesting, new word or an important English rule or even a new random fact, write it somewhere. Anywhere. Try on your arm or sticking bits of paper in your pockets.
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    Write what makes you want to write more. If you hate writing about owls, don't write about owls. Eventually, you'll become comfortable writing about anything, but even then you'll always have favorites.
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    Observe your surroundings. If you are in a forest, pretend like you're a character and imagine what you'd write if you were describing this place and what kind of mood you would set and what kind of action would take place.
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    Inspiration is good, but the best writers, the masters of the craft, learn to control their 'muse' to some degree- try to do the same. Occasionally, to challenge yourself, write about something you aren't fond of. Eventually you may even like writing about owls.


  • Even if you don't particularly feel like writing, do write, or else you'll just continue putting it off and it'll get worse and worse. Writing sometimes is a discipline. This is especially true if you are trying to write a novel and trying to balance your life.
  • Do not be afraid to start sentences with or write fragments. The rules are there to be broken (in moderation).
  • When you read, be sure not to consider how good that author is and how crummy your own writing is. You are just as good as them, although you may be oblivious to it!
  • If you must write something dramatic, try merging into the character's mind. Use choppier sentences and make everything sound as if the character was saying. Ex. Slowly, almost zombie-like the woman stumbled while murmuring whispers of damnation in a gravelly, haunting voice... My heart pumped with adrenaline. Suddenly staying behind at school instead of ditching seemed like a much better fate than being this zombie-woman's snack.


  • Be sure that teachers are comfortable with fragments and sentences starting with 'and'. Beware: most hate it and think that 'and' cannot start a sentence. They are wrong, but make sure you don't get points counted off on a grade just because you know you're right and they're wrong.
  • Make sure that if you have nosy siblings who have always previously snooped through your diary that you hide it somewhere, or keep it with you always. Or maintain a fake diary with a lock in an obvious spot, while your real diary is hidden somewhere they wouldn't think to look (like behind the phone jack in your wall).
  • Writing sometimes causes stress and don't make yourself overly stressed over it.

Things You'll Need

  • Journal
  • Computer (optional)
  • Pens, pencils, crayons (whatever makes you happy)
  • Books, lots of them
  • Your lovely, amazing mind that you're blessed with!

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