How to Enjoy a Private Weekend

Some people with extremely active social and high career profiles, are constantly hassled and disturbed even in their own private time. Making time for yourself is important to re energize your mental energy and also to prevent burnout and exhaustion. Sometimes a person needs to self reflect, enjoy the simple things in life, like relishing over a cup of tea or simply enjoying the beauty and splendour of your garden, without having to answer phone calls or respond to inquiries. If you are single, accomplishing " Me time", is far easier, but when living with children and a family, finding time for yourself can still be achieved with the correct amount of planning. The basic idea of making time for yourself is to be in touch with yourself rather than losing yourself or forgetting your own needs when we get too involved with the hassles of living. Here are some ways in which a person can still live a full life but also create a balance in maintaining the self.


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    Plan a get away into the countryside or to a new place you have not been to before. This can be easily done by booking well in advance. You can choose to drive there by yourself or get their by a taxi, train, bus or even by airplane. This will depend on your finances and on how much money you are prepared to spend. For a person with kids and a family, work around homework times and your spouses work schedules. Remember you are not running away from the world, but making quality time for yourself and family.
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    Switch off your cell phone, if possible. Leave a contact number of the hotel you will be in, if any emergencies arise and you may need to be contacted. Define your idea of an emergency to whomsoever you leave any contact numbers with.
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    Create the atmosphere of being on vacation or on holiday. This is your moment and your choice. You have not lost sight of the important things in life but you are creating "bonding time" for yourself and your family. Take your swimming gear, favorite novels, fun stuff and games to keep yourself and family occupied during this get away.
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    Leave work and work problems behind you, at home or in the office. Accomplish all work-related deadlines before leaving or attend to them when you get back. Remember work will always be there. Now you will need to learn to relax and enjoy the moment.
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    Do not consider this personal escape as a waste of time. Many of us "chase time", and make life some sort of emergency, whereby a hundred different things need to be done at once. Effective time management also involves making time for yourself. The secret lies in having the ability of having to learn to relax or letting your hair down once in a while.
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    Find alternative or more cost effective ways to spending time on your own. Alternatively, if getting away becomes too expensive, find cheaper and more workable ways to create your private space. This can be easily achieved by getting yourself a Wendy house or an enclosed gazebo in your back garden. Make this as comfortable as possible and simply move in over the weekends.
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    Invest in a caravan if you plan to to get away often. This is by far the most cost effective way to travel economically and also comfortably, particularly with people who have families. At the same time you can still enjoy the comforts of being at home in your miniature home.
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    Listen to your favorite music to help you relax. This will also take your mind off work and other pressing issues that may spoil your fun time away from the crowds. Oldies and romantic melodies have a miraculous way of invigorating your spirits and overall well being.
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    Make an effort to be in touch with yourself and family. Having found ultimate inner peace and harmony, with a balance in personal life and work, is precious and hard to acquire for many. Strive to achieve this. Our short existence on this planet will also make for a significant and worthwhile moment, that was well spent.

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