How to Enjoy a School Subject You Dislike

Sometimes some subjects in school are just not fun at all. They can be stressful, mind-numbing, unfair, and just out-right useless in the real world but we all have to choke it down one way or another! Today this article will teach you how to make it just a tad bit easier.


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    Deal with getting low grades. Never blow off a low grade; first it's one, then another, and then a failed subject. Ask your teacher for clarification or one-on-one teaching. If your teacher lacks the time to be able to help you (a common problem with so many students), you could ask for other assistance, such as relevant tutoring provided by the school. Ask for suggestions for other tutoring that your parents could arrange, or for suitable internet sites, such as the Khan Academy.
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    Cope with the reality that some subjects are boring. Some parts of work are going to be very boring too, and the sooner you learn to deal with this fact, the better life will go for you. Boredom can be a time in which your brain rests, so don't view it as all bad.
    • Find different books on the subject, that allow you study different angles on the topic or to to go even more deeply into it. It never hurts to know more than your teacher and it can be way more fun. After all, it gives you the opportunity to ask trick questions; just try not to look like a smarty pants.
    • Draw the subject. This may sound odd but if the concepts are proving difficult to grasp or seem as dull as door nails, draw the concepts, ideas and issues. This can help you to visualize linkages, outcomes and directions and can help you to better understand things that don't make as much sense when they're just words.
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    Get motivated. Find ways that make this subject more interesting. It's to your benefit and it sure beats complaining all the time about how boring the subject is. Realize too, that sometimes claiming it's boring is a cover-up for "it's hard" or "I can't do it"; if that's the case, go back to getting some help to figure it out better.
    • Use the internet and apps to inject some fun into the subject. Watch videos on the subject. By making it come to life, you can actually feel more enthused about it and find it fun.
    • Use fun stationery. As glib as this sounds, color coding things can cheer you up and having fun pens, markers and highlighters can jazz up an otherwise dull work page or even a textbook. (Just be sure it's okay to doodle all over a textbook first; if you don't own it, then it's not okay.) Make use of those highlighters––by coloring in key concepts and phrases on worksheets, in photocopies and the like, you are helping your mind to remember them and it makes revision a lot easier too.
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    Take plenty of breaks. It's pointless studying like an automaton. Even the most interesting subject can be a total bore when you do nothing but all the time. Take breaks, switch homework topics around when studying at home, leave time for concepts to settle in your head before coming back to the topic and do things other than studying too. Brains love novelty, so get outside and see what's happening in the world around you once in a while.


  • If your grades begin to fall, do not take it lightly. There's nothing more punishing, embarrassing, and out-right aggravating then taking the same school year over again. Even if you do make it, you're going to want high grades, even though you might be better than the rest. Employers look for good grades and certifications.
  • Don't mark books that you don't own. It is a nuisance to future students to have your thoughts and markings impact their own thinking processes.

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