How to Enjoy Fun Indoors This Winter

Do you live in an area where it gets bitterly cold, where you just want to stay indoors and cozy up in the winter? This winter, why not find a fun and unique way to enjoy time spent with friends and family, making memories together and having a blast.


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    Get Creative. What would be completely new and different to do this winter?
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    Consider your audience. What kinds of things do your family and friends love to do most?
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    Host a video gaming tournament.
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    Create a "home movie night."
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    Pull together home movies and reminisce.
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    Get everyone involved in a fun new project.


  • Family Movie Night. Can you think of anything better than going out to the movie theater with a group? If it’s a cold and bitter evening, forget the traffic and crowds and create your own movie night right at home. Where else can you grab your favorite blanket, laugh or cry unabashedly, enjoy bottomless popcorn (at a fraction of concession pricing), and drink unlimited hot cocoa, all at your fingertips? Nothing beats movie night in the comfort of your own home. And for a family of four, the cost is surprisingly comparable to an evening out at the movie theater (but without all the crowds and hassle, and without rushing to avoid being late…plus at home, you’re guaranteed the best seats in the house).
  • Gaming Tournament. This is the time of year to enjoy each other’s company, so why not start by laughing and creating fun challenges? Rent a projector and let the games begin! You can battle out frustrations, engage in some healthy competition, and improve your hand-eye coordination with your favorite games (or new releases) displayed larger than life.
  • Watch Home Movies. When was the last time you gathered the kids, popped some popcorn and took a trip down memory lane? Grab those old digital photos or video tapes and have a few good laughs (and maybe a cry or two). Sure, it’s sappy, but everyone will wind up thanking you for bringing up those sweet old memories. Nothing warms the heart on a chilly evening quite like the love of family and friends. Super-size your experience with a rental projector to sweeten the deal.
  • Launch a New Project. Just because it’s freezing cold outside doesn’t mean the family has to go stir-crazy indoors. Create your own visions of art, and take plenty of pictures. The whole family can be involved with this ongoing activity. You can invite friends over to join in on the fun of making and baking. Even if you may be inclined to say you're not an “artist,” it's the coming together and expressing yourself that creates a joyful memory. Create a grand finale by renting a projector to show off all the pictures and relive the fun.

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