How to Enjoy Summer Vacation (for Teens)

Three Parts:Enjoying Summer Vacation with FriendsDoing Fun ProjectsDoing Something Helpful

Looking for something to do during vacation? Unable to think of things on your own? There are so many ideas and fun things to do that it can be a bit overwhelming. Not to worry. See step 1 to get started planning your super awesome summer vacation!

Part 1
Enjoying Summer Vacation with Friends

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    Throw a "School Year is Over!" Party. Make invites from construction paper, glitter, magazine clippings etc and invite guests. This of course should include all your friends, but also consider inviting the shy quiet classmate who is always by him/herself. Try to get this person to come out of their shell and party; you never know what you might learn.
    • Choose good music. Pick something you can dance to!
    • Get snacks.Provide mini hot dogs on a toothpick, Hawaiian punch with sherbet and sprite, squares of cheese on a stick, fruit kabobs, hamburgers and some desert.
    • Have a contest or plan fun games.
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    Make a Friendship Scrapbook. You can either do this by yourself or invite your friends. Print out a bunch of photos and buy some stickers, glue, etc (You can purchase what you need from a dollar store or a Walmart). If you are with your friends, ask them to bring copies of pictures they have. Have some snacks while making it and come up with captions for each image. Don't forget you can use old magazines and draw on the scrapbook too! Add glitter and/or stickers.
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    Have a Picnic. Be it in in a nature preserve, a park, or in your back yard, picnics are a fun way to get out and about with your friends. Depending on where you have the picnic, you could also include a slip and slide, water balloons or water gun fight at the picnic, especially if it's a hot day. Provide a little extra food and tell everyone to bring raincoats or at least old rags and goggles (so that no one gets something in their eyes) for a food fight.
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    Go see a Movie with Friends. See if you can get together an entourage of ten or twenty. If the theater happens to be in a mall, after the movie is over you can go shopping or eat in the food court. Smaller groups are great too of course, but going in a large group is a great way to join all your friends outside of school.
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    Visit an Arcade with Friends. See who can get the most tickets. Consider having a contest: Set a cash limit and the person with the most tickets once everyone has spent that amount gets a portion of everyone else's tickets! If there are twenty people participating and everyone gets a lot of tickets, just think about a big prize that at least one person might be able to win.
    • Remember to bring plenty of quarters or dollars to cash in for tokens.
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    Have a sleepover. Invite your friends over for a sleepover. Have a pillow fight. Watch scary movies, play video games all night, talk, have makeovers... what ever you want. You can play tag in the dark at your house or play hide and seek in the dark. Do something that is fun! If you have redone your bedroom, you can also take this as a chance to show off your room's new look.
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    Go to a Con. There are all kinds of Cons: Anime-cons, Furry-cons, Renaissance Fairs, etc. If all the actual cons that interest you are too expensive or too far away, create one in your backyard! It can be anything you want it to be, such as a Danny Phantom Con, or a Scrubs Con, or a South Park Con. Get all your friends to come up dressed up as a character.
    • Have various friends provide food and drinks. Ask your artist friends to draw or make things to sell or give away at the con. You should also come up with some appropriate games that go along with the theme.
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    Join a Club. Joining a club is a great way to make new friends who share your same interests. If you can't find any clubs in your area that interest you, consider making up a club with your friends! You can invite new people to be members or just keep it between you.
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    Join an online Role-playing Forum. If you like wolves, you can always play a wolf on a role-playing forum that is all about wolves. That or you and your friends can create a role-playing forum for that specific purpose and it doesn't have to be wolves, it can be tigers, lions, bears, meerkats, Harry Potter, university, etc.
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    Go Skateboarding with a Group of Friends. Try to do this somewhere where it's safe and allowed. You could always make an area in your own yard if your parents allow you to make a small square and place concrete there. You could make make-shift ramps. However, it's just as easy to go to a park with a place designed for skateboarding. You could show off to friends what you know and Try to teach others to skateboard so that they can join in too. You could also pick a few impartial judges and have a skateboarding contest.
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    Go camping! Invite a bunch of your friends to go camping. You don't have to go camping in the woods—if you'd rather you can camp out in your backyard or even the beach. If you are going to go camping in the park or backyard, have a barbecue or picnic. If you are camping at the park see if you can go fishing if there is a pond there. If you are going to go camping at the beach or park make sure that you are allowed to camp out in those areas!
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    Sign up for an adventure camp. This is an awesome way to get out of the house for a couple weeks and you discover a new talent such as trekking or rock climbing!

Part 2
Doing Fun Projects

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    Clean your Room. To some this idea might not seem fun, but it can be turned into a fun activity, and it will make your parents happy. Ask your parents if you can listen to very loud music while you clean to help motivate you.
    • Make a contest with your friends! Before starting, take pictures of each section of your room including: the floor, under your bed, the closet, your dresser, and your bed. In addition, take a single picture of the entire room from the door. Then, repeat the photos after you've finished cleaning. Have your friends do the same. Get an impartial judge to decide who did the best job—the winner gets a prize! You can also put the pictures you took into a scrapbook and then you can begin redecorating your room.
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    Redecorate your Bedroom. Summer is a great time to reinvent yourself and your room. Consider giving your bedroom a makeover!
    • Begin by getting some catalogs on bedspreads, paints, bedroom furniture, curtains and maybe even carpets and lights too.
    • Go through each catalog and cut out what you like best. See if you think it fits together with the rest of the things you might like.
    • Remember that new carpet and dressers costs more than paint, bedspreads, and curtains combined. If you're set on the more expensive makeover, consider getting looking at second hand or thrift stores for unique, cheap(er) dressers.
    • Go shopping for accessories, such as: posters, pictures, games, bulletin board, bean bag cushion, lava lamp, bookshelf and books, wastepaper basket and whatever you think you might like to have in your room.
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    Write a short story. A short story can be as short as 500 words and as long as 10,000 words. Your story can be about anything you want. Have a friend or two look over your first draft (offer to look over theirs too if you want!). Then, have an English teacher or librarian go over for any missed spelling or grammar mistakes. When you're done, get the cover laminated and give it to your librarian to keep in the library!
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    Have a Tikibar! Alcohol free, obviously, but you can still make drinks like at bars without the alcohol. Consider making a Virgin Bloody Mary, piña colada, Root beer Float, Pink-Grapefruit 'Margaritas', etc. (Non-Alcohol beverages that are made to seem like the real deal are called "Virgin Drinks") You can find recipes online or ask a parent and see if you can use glasses that are similar to those used in bars. Be the bartender and ask a friend or two to be the waiter and set up a couple mock tables with card tables and folding chairs. Put pretzels and salted peanuts on each counter and table.
    • Don't forget to have a deck or two of cards on hand! You could pretend gamble with fake/monopoly money or poker chips. Give each card player the same number of poker chips. To take some poker chips out of the game after people have been playing awhile offer some drinks up for a number of poker chips until no one has anymore poker chips.
    • If you have a Foosball table already or a dart board hang it somewhere outside to give it more of a bar feel.
    • Put up a price list for everything if you want—you could make real money, or have funny prices like "Virgin Piña Colada costs 1 silly dance".
    • Allow your parents to come check and make sure they are okay with you mimicking a bar setting (with no alcohol). If you want, ask them if they'd stay in the house and they can come out once every half-hour or hour.
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    Bake! Everyone loves sweets right? Have fun over the summer by baking sweets and chocolates! You can find recipes in old cookbooks and online. Have fun—invite friends over and take silly pictures where you're covered in flour or chocolate.
    • If you make a lot of treats, take some over to a senior center! Enjoy getting to know the people there and watching them eat the treats with tea. If you want, take some pictures and develop them. Then, mail the senior home a copy! Make sure you call ahead of time—some senior centers might not let their residents have anything sweet.

Part 3
Doing Something Helpful

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    Volunteer. Not only can it be fun and enjoyable and you at least have something to do for a couple hours a week or a day, it'll look awesome on a resume or college application. A great place to volunteer is a local animal shelter or retirement center, but depending upon where one lives not the only possibilities.
    • Look into possibilities at women's shelters, homeless shelters, soup kitchens. Ask around your community for where the need is greatest and offer your time and skills there.
    • You can also do volunteer work that's cleaning up a park, or helping in an urban community garden which are great ways to get outside in the summer!
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    Be a Big Buddy. Some children might not have siblings or two parents, some might be foster kids or need better influences. As a big buddy, you get to be an older teen and hang out with a child or younger teen as a good influence. You can do whatever you want, be it a night at the theatre, your favorite restaurant, a sunny park or sports game. You can also take pictures and make scrapbooks of your time together. And, as always, you'll get to laugh at the funny things little kids do.
    • If you can't find a program in your area, ask a teacher at an elementary or middle school if they can help you find a Little Buddy. Don't think of this as babysitting without pay, but like another form of volunteering. You might end up with a new friend for life!
    • If they invite you to their birthday party, go to it! You will make your Little Buddy's day.
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    Play a Sport. It can be co-ed and can be any sport such as Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Football, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Golf, Horseshoes, Lawn Bowling, Pool, Kickball, Soccer, Hockey, Dodge Ball etc.. as long as you have enough friends who want to play. You can also join a program for certain sports during the summer season to practice. These are especially important if you want to Try to get a scholarship to college for a certain sport or even want to be a professional someday.
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    Get a summer job. You'll be earning some pocket money and will be occupied. Get a job where it will be fun. Some places to consider apply are the bowling alley, pizza shop, ice cream shop, the mall, the amusement park, or the zoo. You can also Try to get an internship if you want to get more experience related to a specific career.
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    Take an SAT prep course. If you're planning to take the SAT, consider taking a prep class over the summer. You'll meet new people and improve your chances of doing well on the SAT!
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    Help out your family. Help out whichever parent does most of the cooking and cleaning so that they can get a break! If you have younger siblings offer to take of them for a while each day so that your parents can have some time off.
    • Learn to cook so that you can wow your family with fun and exciting summer recipes!


  • Hold ice cream parties with your friends. Take it in turns.

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