How to Ensure Online Safety for Your Kids

Your teenagers might squander lots of time on Social Networking Sites or/and virtual world sites. Parental Controls software can readily aid parents to ensure Social Networking Websites security for teens. However, do you know what your teens are up to on Twitter? Social Networking Sites(SNS) are becoming stylish. These sites are fabulous sites for teenagers to communicate with relatives using computers and have transformed the way of communication.


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    Know more about the Internet and the SNS.
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    Talk to your kids about the dangers and risks.
    • Many a time, kids disclose too much classified information, talk about improper topics that may get them into trouble, or otherwise put themselves in danger by what they surf online. Parental Controls program is supplied to related parents to deal with problems relating to Social Networking Websites and community websites. Once you possess the basics of Parental Monitoring application, you'll be better able to aid your teens to stay harmonious when they communicate online.
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    Use anti-virus and parental control software to ensure online safety for your kids.
    • Tweens give out too much secret information such as home address, telephone number, which could give rise to critical issues - susceptibility to Internet thefts and violence of privacy. Parental Monitoring software is supplied to facilitate parents to review teens' Internet activity and select what couldn't be viewed by your teens.
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    Watch for danger signs. Warnings that indicate your teenagers can be at risk online.
    • 1. Spending plenty of time online, especially at night
    • 2. Reluctant to leave the room
    • 3. Isolate from friends and family members
    • 4. Improper links found on the computer
    • 5. Receive mails from strangers
    • 6. Turn the computer monitor off quickly when parent enters the room
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    Minimize the risk to them as much as possible.
    1. Consider talking with your kids, let them know what they shouldn't browse on the Internet, and potential risks. Create your own SNS account and share the online experience with your kids and be their guide.
    2. Make some rules on their network activity, amount of time spending on the Internet. And tell them not to use real information such as photo, name and address in personal profile.
    3. Use Parental Control Monitoring programme to record teens' Internet activity.
    4. Routinely review your teens' SNS profile, and clean up sensitive information. Check their friend lists and clean up suspected pals.
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    Watch for signs of your children being bullied. If you see that they are, do the following:
    • Online bullying is ILLEGAL according to law. If your kid gets bullied, you can totally report it.
    • Once your children were bullied, take copies as evidences for future law enforcement use using parental monitoring program, and report to the relevant departments, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and Police Department.
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    Purchase authentic safety and parental monitoring application to secure your computer against computer pedophiles, ensuring cyber safety for your teenagers and the whole family.
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    Come up with a Proposal for your teenagers
    1. Do not disclose true info such as name, family address
    2. Tell your parents at once if you were bullied by Network predators
    3. Use privacy settings of Social Networking Websites, think carefully before accept a person as a friend
    4. Do not click any weird hypertext links which may lead to account theft,etc.
    5. Do not chitchat with any one over cam without your parents' guide
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    Keep yourself educated. Parents ought to maintain themselves up-to-date on the news of SNS by learning online educational sites, and inform teens about appropriate online usage, if your teens are not that careful, they may become victims of infringement of privacy, and predator. And teens have to be got informed of the parental control monitoring if needed.

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