How to Entertain Siblings

Entertaining kids is always a time-consuming task, but younger siblings can be double-trouble at home if they find themselves with nothing to do. You probably have a couple of ideas, but sooner than later you will find yourself running out of them and your siblings wanting to do more. Here are a few ideas.


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    Prioritize your time. Set up a time to play with them. Setting up a priority and a plan will help you actually get to action and not just think about spending time with your siblings.
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    Get pumped. Get in the mood to play! Even if you were busy and tired, now is the time to show your siblings that you are really ready to have fun with them.
    • Pay attention to your facial expressions, your voice and your body language in general. Your sibling know when you are or are not willing to spend time with them, and it's important that they know you are.
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    Find an activity.
    • Play a sport. Finding a sport is good way to be active and have fun. If there aren't any sports that both you and your siblings can play, teach them a new one, or learn a new one together.
    • Go outside and explore the world. You could take them out for ice cream, to the movies, an arcade or even plan a picnic at the park. For something more educational, you can arrange a trip to the museum, the aquarium or the zoo.
    • Make things. Many kids love doing hands-on, arts-and-crafts work. Even if you yourself are not a huge fan of this kind of activity, you can comment on your siblings' work and make them feel happy.
      • Make food and share it together. Even if you mess up, it's all part of the fun.
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    Get creative. Finding activities and doing them are fine, but your siblings will appreciate your efforts more and be happier if you add a little spin on the activities you are doing with them. Here are things you can do:
    • If you are playing sports, try adding, deleting, or changing rules.
    • If you are venturing outside, set up a fun mission to complete together. For example, hide an object and make them search for it. At the end, whoever wins gets a prize!
    • If you are making things, try to make things that you usually wouldn't think of making.
    • If these little twists are not good enough, think entirely outside the box and create new games and activities yourself!
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    Get feedback. Ask your siblings how they liked the activities and how much they enjoyed their time with you. Doing so is a good way of ensuring you've successfully entertained your siblings--and also a fantastic way of letting your siblings know you care about them! You can ask them:
    • What did you like about what we did?
    • How could have things been more fun?
    • How do you feel now?
    • Do you want to do this again next time?


  • Make your siblings feel like you truly care about them. If you know you aren't going to be able to spend quality time with them, kindly let them know what you are thinking.
  • Make sure the activities are safe and age-appropriate. Safety comes first!
  • Make sure that whenever you're spending time with your siblings, you are focused. Don't drift away from them by constantly checking your phone or your computer. Dedicate your full attention.
  • Don't just keep saying no to your siblings, doing so will make them feel like you do not care about them. They also may turn vile and keep bugging you just to annoy you.

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