How to Entertain Yourself Without a Computer

Four Methods:Staying Entertained at HomePlaying GamesEntertaining Yourself Outside of the HouseGetting Artistic

Is your internet down? Are you grounded? Maybe you just want to detox from your computer and learn to live life in the real world. Don’t be afraid; people lived for thousands of years without the internet. Go back to the basics to have a good time.

Method 1
Staying Entertained at Home

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    Listen to music. Novelty is an excellent cure for boredom, so try to listen to new things. Borrow someone else’s music. Turn on the radio. Use online streaming services to listen to random music that you have never heard before.[1]
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    Read a book. Find a book, a newspaper, or a magazine. Take the time to learn something more about the world or familiarize yourself with some famous literary characters. It might take you some time to get interested in the story, but often by the middle of the book you won’t be able to put it down.[2]
    • Consider bringing a book with you wherever you go.
    • Keep a list of books you want to read.
    • If you can get to the library, there should be enough choices for you to find something decent. If you don't know what to read, ask the librarian for suggestions!
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    Cook. If you have some time on your hands, it might be an opportunity to cook a large batch of food that will keep you fed for a while. Consider something that will keep and can be snacked on without reheating, like hummus, pesto, and cookies.[3]
    • If you are using your parents’ kitchen, be sure to ask permission before using.
    • Don’t cook without supervision unless you know how to properly handle food and understand how to cook safely.
    • Alternatively, you could try making nut butter or pickling vegetables.
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    Exercise. Exercise is good for both your physical and mental health.[4] Try weight lifting. If you don’t have weights or a gym membership, just go on a job around the neighborhood, do sit ups, and push-ups.
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    Watch TV or play a video game. If you have played all your video games to death, set new, challenging goals to meet. If you are watching TV, experiment with a show you’ve never watched before or put on a classic movie that you’ve always wanted to see.
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    Play with your pet. Most animals enjoy socializing. It will be good for their health and your bond with the pet. Play catch or a game of chase. For smaller, animals, try to build a maze to give them a chew toy to play with.
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    Clean. Cleaning may seem boring, but it is something to do. You can also make it more fun by turning it into a game. Time yourself and see how quickly you can clean your place. Put on music to keep yourself energetic. You can even put on some light body weights and a step counter to turn cleaning into exercise.[5]
    • Consider organizing. Find an old pile of things you don’t use or a closet you run away from in fear and bring order to the chaos. Put all of the things you no longer want in a separate pile so that you can take them to a charity later. If you do this right, you’ll be helping out those in need, finding things you’ve forgotten, and turning unused space in your home into something useful.[6]

Method 2
Playing Games

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    Practice juggling. Get three apples, pears, balls or anything that you can toss around. Once you mastered juggling three of them, try going onto four. Mix in new patterns by throwing from behind your back or under your leg.
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    Play board games. Board games can be a great way to bond with other people. People who are successful in games like Chess and Go are typically considered highly intelligent. Mastery of these games can be a useful skill. There is a huge market in new board games, so you can always find something new.[7]
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    Play card games. A deck of cards can be turned to a nearly infinite number of games. Consider games like Slapjack, Crazy Eights, and Play or Pay.[8] Don't forget classics like Blackjack or Poker.
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    Play Solitaire. Solitaire is unique in that it is one of the few games that you can play by yourself. All you need is a deck of cards and an understanding of the rules.
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    Play a game outside. Try hide and go seek, kick ball, jump rope, I-spy, or tag. Try shooting some hoops or tossing around a baseball. This can be a good way to make friends, get fit, and practice some skills that will be useful in gym.
    • If you are bored with your games, try something new. Consider adapting a game you play often. If you like hide and go seek, try to reverse it by having everyone search for one person. The person who catches him wins.[9]
    • Try drawing with a piece of chalk. See what you come up with.

Method 3
Entertaining Yourself Outside of the House

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    Go for a walk. If there is a nice walking path or scenic hike nearby, this can be a good way to clear your head and get some exercise. Try to find some place you haven’t been before. If there aren’t any scenic nature areas around, try walking through an interesting neighborhood you’ve never been too before.[10]
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    Go for a picnic. Prepare a quick meal like sandwiches and cold drinks in a basket and enjoy having them at the park or by the riverside. It will be even more fun if you have a simple game to play with your friends or family.[11]
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    Go on a bike ride. Riding a bike is good exercise and it can get you much further than your feet would on their own. Use a bike ride as an opportunity to explore a place you’ve never been before.[12]
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    Consider traveling. Going to places that you haven't been before is one great way to learn more about history, people and culture. You can backpack to save money. If a trip abroad is outside of budget, consider traveling to a nearby city you’ve never been to.[13]

Method 4
Getting Artistic

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    Write. You can write a story, a poem, or a journal. Try to get some experience writing and get your feelings out. If you’re going to have a lot of time on your hands, start a larger piece like a novel. Once you get into it, you might not be able to stop writing.[14]
    • For a story, think about characters. Imagine what makes them special and different. Why do they do what they do? What is the obstacle they must overcome? That is your conflict. Focus on how their personalities bring them into conflict and how that conflict is resolved.
    • If you’re writing a poem, try starting out with free writing. Just get your feelings down on page. Read it out loud to see what it sounds like.
    • If you can’t think of your own characters, consider writing fan fiction. Some people enjoy taking characters or settings from famous movies, books, and comic books and writing their own adventures. You can share your stories later, when you have computer access again, or you can just keep them to yourself.
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    Write a song. Experiment on the guitar or the piano. Once you’ve gotten some nice melodies down, put them together to build a song. If you don’t know anything about instruments, write lyrics and practice singing them.
    • Now there are plenty of electronic devices that will record your music. You can even apply special effects to the songs. Once you get your internet back, you can try posting the music online.
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    Draw. Studies show that drawing is a particularly effective way to banish boredom.[15] Practice using shading and perspective to improve your artistic abilities. Many artists learn by doing “master studies,” which means you try to analyze and recreate other great works of art.[16]
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    Write a letter. Letter writing is old fashioned, but many people enjoy the surprise of having a real, tangible letter in their hands. A letter is something a person can keep forever, as a keepsake of your relationship. It doesn’t need to be formal or stylistically perfect. Just write something meaningful that the other person would want to keep as a memento.[17]
    • You can consider writing a letter to friends, significant others, or even family.
    • Send it by mail or leave it somewhere you know they will find it, like in their room or locker.
    • Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want a third party to read.
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    Try crafts. Look around and see how you can use the things around you to make art or useful household goods. With pictures and glue, you can make a nice memento for someone you care about. With wood and carving knife you can make a walking stick.[18]

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