How to Escape in the Game Escapists

Escapists is realistic (not counting the graphics), which means it's going to be hard to beat it. But with some tips and tricks you should get the hang of it in less than three days, depending on how good you are at it. So lets get started!


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    Know the routines. Prison is all about routines. By attending them, you keep the guards off your back. If you don't attend one, for example breakfast, then your guard heat will raise in most prisons; it goes up to 70-99% but be careful if you get your heat 90% or over, as then you have to hide because the snipers in the guard towers will snipe!
    • For example: Say that you are digging underground and you don't know that roll-call is next; then you're screwed and your plan is gone and every contraband item you had!
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    Know where everything is. It's important to know where everything is. You need to know the prison well, such as where the cafeteria is or where you can access the roof and so on.
    • For example: Let's say that you're running late to exercise period and you don't know where it is, then chances are you're going to waste time looking for it and not make it in time!
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    Use your intellect. Intellect is an important part of your escape because during your escape, you're going to need to craft things and you need intellect for this. Thus, remember always keep it as high as possible.
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    Look at things like walls, fences, ground, and other things that may make your plan harder. In the picture here, you can see that that fence looks not like the normal black one which most likely means it's electrical. Now you're most likely wondering "But wait, if it's electrical, then how do we get past it?" Every prison has power generator and you're going to have to go to that power generator and click it to turn off the power making the fence okay to cut. However, you will need a good cutting tool, such as cutters because that power generator will go back on in 1 hour (game time) and 1 hour in the game is 60 seconds (real life time) so you have 60 seconds to cut threw that fence and not die.
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    • About the cutters: There are three levels in every tool, so by every tool this means shovel, cutters, and pickaxes and the three levels are flimsy, lightweight and sturdy. Flimsy is the worst, lightweight is of medium effect and sturdy has the best effect.
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    Know which guard has which key. Before you start the game, there is a secret pattern to tell which guard has which key.
    • First Guard: Cell Key (Yellow)
    • Second Guard: Utility Key (Orange)
    • Third Guard: Entrance Key (Purple)
    • Fourth Guard: Staff Key (Red)
    • Fifth Guard: Work Key (Green) and the others have no key.
    So as you see in the picture above, the fourth guard has been renamed to "Officer staff key" to know he has the staff key.
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    Don't use crafting notes. First of all, it takes forever to find them and they are contraband. Second, there is an easier way of doing it. Let's say that you don't know how to make a bed dummy––just go on your favourite internet browser and type in "how to make a bed dummy in the escapists" and at least five results should appear, all telling you how to make it. Or, simply look at the pictures on here.


  • Don't worry if you don't escape on your first attempt for the third prison; it can take many escape attempts to win!

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