How to Exercise Your Creative Writing Muscle

Creative writing is a liberating activity but it can be difficult to harness that power and transform it into a piece of artistic self expression. Your creativity is a balance of nourishment, strength, and rest. Once you've learned to keep these three elements in harmony with one another, your creative writing will flow naturally.


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    Know your diet. Your diet is the nourishment you need to feed your personal style and tone of writing. Do you like to use adjectives? Is it about imagery or emotion? Are you dark or inspirational? Look at your favorite movies, books, characters, authors etc. These are reflections of your own style. Write down as much as you can about your writing style, you'll better understand it as you grow.
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    Feed your soul. Once you know your diet, listen to music, talk to inspirational friends and family members. Anything that makes your fingers twitch for a pen.
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    Warm up. Don't try to write a novel, or a poem. Put together words and let them flow and become rhythmic. You need to feel the cadence, just like its your favorite song. It has to sing to you, if it makes no sense that's okay. Try to see words as foreign and focus on their sounds.
    • A good way to do this is to write about anything that you want to (it can be multiple subjects) for 3 minutes. Do this like three times a day. After it gets easy, increase the time to 5 minutes, and so on. If you know what to write about, ask one of your friends or family members for a random object to write about.
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    Push yourself. Whatever your purpose of writing is, say trying to understand feelings or just showing the beauty in something be sure to put your all in it. This isn't about quality. It's about effort. It would make no sense to keep walking back to the starting point in a race, just the same way you should not erase or perfect or think too much on one sentence. Let yourself mess up. Think of it as trying to remember a word by saying another word that's similar to it. You won't hit the bull's eye but you won't be burn out if you go with a less than perfect version of what you meant to say.
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    Cool down. Don't stop if you're still full of energy. You want to let everything out to get the full benefit of each session of writing.
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    Rest. If you spend too much time on writing, you'll get exhausted and feel dry. You want to avoid this as much as possible.


  • Resting is important, it's more than just re-nourishing yourself. You need to take a break no matter how refreshing it may feel to be creative and poetic.

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