How to Express Your Opinion through Writing

The digital age confers upon all internet-connected individuals the means to express their opinion to billions, to the entire connected world. The problem becomes that there are so many reactive opinions that flood into cyberspace that few opinions attain much resonance with the masses.

So, say you have read something or encountered an absurdity in daily life which triggers the desperate need for you to convince others to see different aspects of the issue, to view the issue in your way. Maybe it is an issue about which you care deeply, and one about which you have an insight which you feel could really make a positive change in the world. To learn how to express yourself with powerful impact and make your voice heard, you must develop your case logically, write persuasively, and punctuate everything with visual impact. Only then will you have a chance to change minds and change the world.


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    Distill the essence of what you believe. The first step of writing an opinion essay is figuring out what you believe and why you believe it. An opinion essay can be about anything. You can inform about why the city shouldn’t put a parking lot in what is now a park near your house or why it’s cruel to declaw cats, really—it can be about anything.
    • Sit down at your computer or with a pad of paper and write down a list of bullet points regarding what you believe regarding your issue. On a separate page or column, list why you believe each point.
    • The “why” is crucial because publishing an opinion essay means communicating with strangers. Saying “All my friends believe this” or “Everyone knows this is true” isn’t really going to change any minds, but connecting through solid reasoning may.
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    Rough in your argument with the standard five-paragraph essay. The lead paragraph introduces your topic, what you’re going to say. The next three paragraphs present stand-alone points, while the final paragraph sums it all up—emphatically.
    • Even a lengthy essay follows the same format: an opening section that introduces the subject, a body of facts and examples that support the contention, and a final section that summarizes in an impactful way.
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    Get the readers attention by telling a story. It is crucial to grab the reader’s attention right out of the gate, and since humans are story-telling critters, a sure way to start strong is with a true-life incident that relates to your theme, to what you want to convey with your words. You undoubtedly have a personal connection to the issue because it is important to you. So, as a way to get your creative juices flowing, jot down memories and personal anecdotes that relate, then choose the one that flows most easily into your narrative, and is vividly memorable.
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    Ask yourself what about your topic touches people's lives. Step away from your own viewpoint and see the world from someone else's perspective in order to answer the question every reader will have: "What does this issue mean to me?" After all, it’s easy to spend time on websites and blogs where everyone (except for trolls, maybe!) agrees with the writers' particular world view. But the strongest opinion essays are written for readers who aren't familiar with the particular issue you're addressing or haven’t formed a strong opinion about it yet.
    • In your essay, try to find examples of how the issue you're addressing can touch other people's daily lives so that they can see your point of view through their own experiences.
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    Offer your readers facts and evidence. Expressing an opinion without facts may give you a feeling of power or importance, but it rarely changes someone’s mind. Combining your opinion with facts is a far more effective way of reaching your readership and letting them come to their own conclusions. Instead of telling your readers what to think, present facts that will give them a reason to change their thinking.
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    Present a call to action. If you’ve done your job right, then you’re ready for the best part of your essay. This is when you challenge your readers to do something. This doesn’t have to mean signing a petition or going on a march. Ask your readers to do something that’s simple and basic, but profound and meaningful in their own lives. Ask them to demonstrate the value of their new opinion, and help them by, once again, providing examples of actions they can take.
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    Test your essay. Show your essay to some friends or relatives before going public. By sharing your work, you can see whether you've succeeded in communicating what you intended to. Note that your test readers don’t necessarily need to agree with you, but they can tell you if you've effectively made your points.
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    Write a summary. After a rewrite or two of the main body of the essay, you’re ready to boil it down to one summarizing paragraph describing:
    • why you’ve written the essay
    • what it’s about
    • why someone might want to read it
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    Publish your essay. Once you’re done with the summary, you’re ready to publish your essay online.
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    Draw attention to your essay by making visual impact. As an example, consider Marni Halasa, a self-described “professional protester” in New York City. Marni has become skilled at using witty homemade costumes to attract attention to the issues that are important to her. [1]. Marni has learned the first rule of political engagement: You need to project a quick visual message that will stop someone from walking away from you. Once people stop and look, they’re ready to listen.
    • Use images, just like the one of Marni Halasa (above). If you don’t have the budget for professional designer, download one of your own photos or get a free image from Shutterstock or a similar website.
    • Remember: you’re looking for a visual image that’s both powerful and informative.
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    Find readers. You’ve got your essay, a summary, and a great visual image; you’re ready to find readers. Here are some ways to do this:
    • You can put the essay up on your personal website.
    • You can publish the essay in public opinion forums like Medium.
    • You can publish it on Amazon and a variety of other eBook sites.
    • You can offer sections of the essay, or the full thing, to publications by pitching to op-ed sections.
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    Take action to express your opinion vividly. You have a choice. You can stay silent or express your opinion. Remember: Your actions can change both your environment and your life. Writing and publishing an opinion statement on the internet can make you feel active, powerful, and engaged with your world, ... and it can make a difference.
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    Go ahead! Start writing!

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