How to Fake Interest in Anything

Faking interest in anything can give you the perpetual upper hand in bland situations or when dealing with boring people...


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    Make sure that you are first able to fake interest before taking it into a real world situation. Try looking at a coffee table or watching MTV for a half hour and making commentary to yourself, maybe a plant or other inanimate object in your home. Such comments could be "Did you see the new Jessica Simpson video? She is so talented!" or "I love the finish on this coffee table. It is very interesting!" If you can accomplish this first step without laughing or becoming ill, please continue...
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    Master eye contact. Too much will give you up as a weirdo, and too little will show you for the truly uninterested party that you are.
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    Use your surroundings. A cup of coffee can be used in a great deal of ways to help you with different methods. In the case of eye contact, you can use it to divert your eyes while cooling or drinking the brew. And the "over the rim" method of using your eyes to create a feeling of deceptive interest while actually taking a drink shows that you are concerned, even though you are busy. Truly a noble sacrifice. Just make sure your interactions with your surroundings are like the eye contact...not too much or too little....
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    Verbalize your interest while staying separated from the conversation. Paying attention to inflection while spacing out is easy. With a little practice you can master this technique easily. You can do a lot with an agreeing sound...not so much an actual word, but just a low to high "ahh" when you believe they are seeking approval. Or a sympathetic high to low "ohh" when they are looking for your agreement when dealing with an unpleasant situation. The key here is to not go very far in one direction or the other. Staying neutral will save you the confusion of explanation, apology, or even worse, being forced to pay attention.
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    Wrap it up and get out of are faking it for a reason. Now, you have to stay away from the pitfalls, such as looking at your watch or saying "well..." (we all know what that means). Now you can refer to my other article on "How to fake a cell phone call" at the bottom of this page for one example of how to get out of this. Another would be to interact with your settings again. Finish your coffee, retire to the restroom, and come back out on an "emergency call." In this step, you really can get creative. Use your imagination, and please feel free to exercise regard for your subject. We don't hate them...we just genuinely don't care.


  • If wanting to get out of there fast have your kids start pretending to be tired (if it is late in the day). Do not attempt hungry, as this might get you invited for lunch or dinner.
  • When dealing with a lover (or ex-lover) assess the situation before diving in too deep...they will catch on eventually, if not already.
  • Always assume they know you are not is your job to show them you care, for whatever selfish interest you are trying to fulfill by taking the time to fake in the first place.
  • Carry small interesting props for your exit me, you already practice fake interest in your day to day life...its time to make it interesting.


  • If you find yourself doing this too often, you may want to reexamine your friends and surroundings.
  • Always . and i cannot stress this enough . ALWAYS amuse yourself first.
  • Your girlfriend already knows you are usually not interested. Come to terms with it and break up if you really can't make it through another "So today at the mall..." story.
  • Immediate family members, especially mothers and fathers will not usually fall for this. Its worth a try though.

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