How to Fall Asleep Without Letting Your Teacher Know

Whether it is the long nights of partying, studying, or being plain old tired, we have all experienced a case of falling asleep during class. Often times, we find our chairs and desks to be just right for a quick 20 minute nap. Unfortunately, our teachers somehow always have a keen sense as to whether we are in our classrooms or taking an adventure in dreamland. Below are the strategies designed to keep your teacher from catching you hitting the daytime hay.


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    Always check on what your teacher will be doing on the day of your nap. Make sure that he/she does not have a lesson agenda that includes her walking around the room and checking to see if you are doing work. The best type of situation is when your teacher is giving a long boring lecture that even he/she is bored of.
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    For the first ten minutes, no matter how exhausted you may be, the key to a successful cover-up is being active in class. This includes making intelligent comments, asking questions, and being the "enthusiastic learner" you are usually too tired to be. Although it may seem as though this is the opposite of what you think you are supposed to do, this step creates a safeguard. By participating in class your teacher would suspect less faults from you for the rest of the class period. Think of it as making your teacher fall in love at first sight, ultimately creating an invisible veil of innocence, shielding you away from any wrong.
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    Creating a physical barrier. Put that 30 pound backpack on top of your desk! One of the most obvious techniques is putting a large object at the angle in which your face would be blocked from the teacher's line of sight. It is logical to say that if your teacher can not and does not see you sleeping, then you in turn, will not be caught in the very action.
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    Put out the appropriate reading or writing utensils. If your teacher expects you to be taking down notes, then try having a pencil in hand along with a piece of paper on your desk. Teachers do take quick glances and scans of the classroom to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to.
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    Similar to the step above, you also want to actually 'sleep' in a certain position. With a lot of practice, sleeping with your neck bent and your head over your chest is the prime way to sleep in class. In this particular position you receive the benefit of having your eyes directly above your paper. In addition, if you are caught by a teacher, you will be able to make the excuse that you were either thinking, getting rid of eye irritation, or meditating. Lastly, sleeping with your chin pressed towards the chest allows for you to be in the upright position similar to the classmates around you that are awake. This makes you less obvious in the pack, and allows for a comfortable sleep as well.
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    A good benefit to your daytime slumber is creating an alibi or a "spotter". Find a friend sitting near by to keep you in check. If there is a teacher walking by or an important announcement being made, your spotter would be able to wake you up immediately. This gives you more security and comfort knowing that someone is there to take care of you and that all you need to worry about is falling asleep.
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    Be on relatively good terms with your teacher. If you are caught, you do not want to receive a punishment that over weighs the severity of the crime you have committed.
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    Be prepared for in case of failure. Always have a realistic excuse for your teachers. Most of all, do not forget to act as though you were an innocent lost puppy that misses its mother. If all of your excuses fail, you want to tap into the sentimental aspects of your teacher.
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    If you are reading from a textbook, turn to the right page, lean on your hand, and sleep. The teacher will think you are reading along with the rest of the class, since when you are looking down you can only see a person's eyelids. Keep an ear out for when people turn the pages!


  • Always be aware of substitute teachers. Some substitutes are very nervous, thus, making them uptight on order and proper behavior in class while other subs tend to not care what goes on.
  • Sleep as late into the class as you can. It is a convenience when the school bell wakes you up instead of an angry teacher.
  • If you are a person who snores when you sleep, I suggest sleeping for smaller amounts of time. In addition, make sure your spotter is present to wake you up when you start snoring.
  • Make sure no one around you is sleeping as well. If one person is caught, the other one falls like a domino.
  • If you are a person who drools in your sleep, it maybe smart to keep moist foods or beverages away from your mouth. The last thing you would need is a large commotion waking you up when the girl next to you sees the drool hanging from your lip.
  • Make sure that you are sleeping when you are really tired. It is always best to do a few stretches. It is always better to just be awake if you can.
  • Wear anti glare glasses and sit below the tube light in your class. This will reflect from your specs and you will be able to close your eyes behind your glasses.
  • If you get caught tell the teacher that you studying all night for a test.


  • People may tell on you if they find you napping!
  • Some people will take advantage of you sleeping and steal some stuff from you, so be careful.
  • You may face detention.
  • If it becomes a habit and you got serious people around you who value education more than anything else, you might end up with a bad reputation and a loss of respect which can take a while to build back up.

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