How to Farm in 7 Days to Die

Three Parts:Prepare for FarmingStart a FarmRemember the Precautions

Gathering resources in the game is easy, especially if you have a long mine tunnel to move around without encountering zombies in the surface. However, the longer you play the game, the more that the resources deplete. Farming is useful to avoid that and also to acquire more food or ingredients for your crafted meals.

Part 1
Prepare for Farming

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    Make a Gardening Hoe. You need a gardening hoe to start farming; it is a multi-purpose tool for it can also be used as a melee weapon. It can be found randomly around the world but can be crafted as well. To make a Gardening Hoe, you need two items: Iron Ingots (2) and Sticks (3).
    • Press “I” to open your craft window.
    • At the right part of the craft window, search the list for Gardening Hoe; click the name to activate the pattern of the tool you're about to make.
    • Following the pattern, place 2 Iron Ingots at the upper right block and the 3 Sticks horizontally from the lower left of the block.
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    Gather seeds. You need seeds to plant. There are 3 kinds of seeds you can obtain and plant in the game (Potato, Blueberry, and Corn); to get their seeds, you need to gather the plant first.
    • Potatoes can be found throughout the map and can be eaten raw to decrease hunger, but are more advisable to use for cooking (i.e. Venison Stew, Rabbit Stew) for it gives more effects in health, thirst, and hunger. Blueberries are scavenge-able food and can be gathered from Blueberry Bushes. Corn can be found anywhere too, and there's a farm land with more than 400 corns planted in the northwest of Diersville on Coronado Road.
    • You can now craft them into seeds; 1 plant is equivalent to 4 seeds.
    • Press “I” to open your craft window and simply place any plant in the middle of the window.
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    Make a Bucket. You need to water the crops to continue growing. To make a bucket, you need 7 Forging Irons which can be obtained by putting Iron Ingot in your craft window.
    • Open your craft window. Find and click the Forging Iron name on the craft list to activate the pattern.
    • Grab the Forging Iron from your inventory then place it over the pattern, forming a “U”.
    • To turn Iron Ingot to Forging Iron, just place the Iron Ingot in the middle of your crafting window.

Part 2
Start a Farm

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    Find a flat land. For a good farm field, search for a place with flat land that is close to your home or a short walk away from your underground tunnel exit. This way it will be easier for you to reach your farm for a quick check for any harvesting.
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    Plow your land. Using the Gardening Hoe, right-click on a dirt block to fill the land. Remember that farming in the game is the same as farming in real life; you cannot plant if you didn't plow the block, so make sure to have everything covered.
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    Plant the seeds. Crops take approximately 2-3 days to grow but will give you constant food supply, especially if you planted many. Plant some crops every day to have them harvested continuously.
    • To plant, hold the correct seeds then right-click the center of the tilled land.
    • If done correctly, there will be a small green plant on the dirt.
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    Put some water. To make farming easier and have your plants grow faster, adding a source of water close to your farm will be useful.
    • Grab your bucket and look for a lake to fill it with water, then go back to your farm and start digging one block near the tilled dirt.
    • Fill the dug block with water. This will moisten the dirt including the tilled ground near it. You may add more water source surrounding the farm.

Part 3
Remember the Precautions

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    Protect your farm. Zombies, and even animals, can destroy your crops. Place traps around the farm, such as spikes; this will prevent them from reaching your plants.
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    Avoid stepping on plotted land. It is best to leave one row apart from the other plotted line; this will give you more room to walk around your farm without stepping on your plants. Keep in mind that stepping or jumping on the tilled land will kill your crops, flatten your land, and will have to be tilled again.
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    Use a torch. Zombies move faster during nightfall. To avoid zombies from breathing through the traps, add torches to decrease their movement.


  • One bucket of water is enough to create an infinite source.
  • It's easier to plant crops by its kind. For example, two rows for corn, two rows for blueberry and two rows for potato.
  • In some game, torches are considered as sunlight for the plants but in 7 Days to Die, it doesn't have the same effect.
  • The best crop so far is the blueberry as it decreases your thirst and hunger.

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