How to Feather and Fan (Cake Decorating)

This is a very easy decorating method for a cake but it's incredibly effective. Feathering and fanning is simply the actions of drawing lines of icing across an already iced background in a feather and fan design.


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    Ice (frost) the cake top in one colour. For example, a chocolate background is ideal when contrasted with white icing used for the feather and fan decoration.
    • The base doesn't have to be icing; you could also use cream or a similar soft topping.
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    Pipe straight lines at even intervals across the cake top. It will look like a series of bars when you are done.
    • If you would rather use chocolate in place of icing, this is fine. Just add a few drops of oil to the melted chocolate before applying it to the cake top.
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    Ensure that both the background and the piped lines are soft. This method will only work when they are still both soft.
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    Create the fan and feather pattern. Take a long skewer, and carefully pull the skewer across the lines in one direction. Then, do the same next to the first lengthwise line, only draw the skewer up the opposite way. Repeat going down, up, down, up (or towards you, away from you, towards you, away from you), until you complete the design across the whole cake.
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Things You'll Need

  • Baked cake
  • Icing/cream/melted chocolate for surface background and for lines
  • Piping equipment
  • Wooden skewer

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