How to Fight Boredom at Home (Girls)

Bored? At home? Aged between 5 and 13? If you answer yes to these question, read this article to fight the boredom of any at home situation, from a lazy Saturday afternoon, a school holiday Wednesday morning, a rainy Monday night or any other situation! This article has plenty of information on girl's cures for boredom at home. Get started at step one below!


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    Write a list of things to do when you're bored. Surprisingly that can fight your boredom very easily. If you are a girl that is too little to write, trying drawing pictures of what you usually like to do when you are bored. If you find writing lists really boring, try drawing symbols, perhaps in the style of emoticons.
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    Write an article on wikiHow. All you need is to sign up for free and write an article. If you can't find an article to write about, you could answer a request. If you are a girl that is too young to write an article, you could ask an older person to help you add your suggestions to any article.
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    Treat yourself to some home spa time. There's nothing some girls likes more than a relaxing spa day. Here are some ideas for your homemade spa:
    • Face masks
    • Manicure
    • Pedicure
    • Facial Steaming
    • Lotion Application
    • Massages
    • Hair styling or treatment
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    Watch TV. If you have nothing to do, watching TV can entertain your mind. Ensure you choose a TV show or movie appropriate for your age. Remember, just because you are a girl, you don't have to watch stereotypically 'girly' shows. Watch a My Little Pony movie or show, watch a gardening show, watch an animal documentary or watch a soccer match. Watch anything you know you enjoy, or try something different you've never watched before.
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    Call a friend. You and your friend could talk for hours if you're both that bored. You could even have a "Talk - A - Thon"! Make sure you have the bill player's permission.
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    Play a game. Games can be amazing fun! You could try playing Checkers, Life, Truth or Dare, or Hide and Seek. Find a game appropriate for your age group and male sure you have enough players. Boredom often comes from being alone so try games that one person can play if you are a home alone, bored girl.
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    Take or make quizzes. There are plenty of great quiz websites on line.
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    Upcycle clothing. You can turn that old sweater from your grandma into a a whole new trendy look with scissors, needle and thread, and... bling!
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    Bling up, or just clean up your room. Make your own decorative items. You can find ideas on pinterest. Cushion covers, mobiles and photograph frames are good ways to creatively decorate your room which can utilise your DIY skills.
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    Bake! You could try baking cupcakes, cakes or cookies. If you are too young to bake alone, ask someone to help you.
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    Write a short story. You can write a story to fight boredom about any subject. Write a story about vampires, write about horses or choose something else to write about.
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    Read. Read a book. Read a magazine. Read an encyclopedia. Look at a picture book if you prefer.
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    Make a Google survey, and share it with your friends!
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    Invent new words. Do this however you feel is the best way to fight boredom. Come up with new words for types of people, like, tween-id-ot, which combines tween and idiot or for activities, like twasting, which could be a new way to say time-wasting. Be creative.
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    Try a new hobby. This could fight boredom at any future time you are at home and bored as long as it is a hobby you can do at home.


  • Do anything you want that is safe and not damaging to your own property or that of others. There are no limits to what a girl can do to fight boredom at home, look at stereotypically boyish activities if you like.
  • Ask others in your home if there's anything useful you can do.


  • Don't do dangerous things!

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