How to Find a Fitness Coach

Hiring a fitness coach can be an ideal way to stay motivated and on task when you are working toward achieving weight loss, building muscle mass, and maintaining your overall fitness. A fitness coach can also be helpful in the event that you need one-on-one instruction for using particular types of training equipment, or learning how to perform certain exercises. Fitness coaches are often available for hire at local gymnasiums, fitness centers, and community centers, and sometimes even run their own independent businesses or handle their own contracts. Continue reading this article to learn of the many ways and methods by which you can find a fitness coach for hire.


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    Find a fitness coach by referral or word of mouth. This method can be helpful, especially if you have friends or family members who have recently worked with a fitness coach to lose weight or to build muscle mass.
    • Ask your friends, family members, or co-workers if they can recommend any fitness coaches that will help you achieve your fitness goals.
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    Visit a local gym or fitness center. The majority of gyms and fitness centers have personal trainers and fitness coaches on staff that are available for hire.
    • Verify whether the fitness coaches at the gym have flexible schedules that align with your training needs. Some fitness coaches have strict schedules that adhere to gym hours and other gym clients.
    • Verify whether the fitness coach can train you off-site or outside of gym hours. In some cases, fitness coaches hired by gyms can provide you with training sessions at your home or at off-site locations with facilities that are not provided by the gym; such as racquetball courts, swimming pools, or tennis courts.
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    Consult with your local community center. In some cases, fitness coaches available at local community centers can provide personal fitness training for lower costs compared to those offered by local gyms.
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    Find fitness coaches through certification programs. There are a number of certification programs that specialize in training fitness coaches; such as the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the American Council on Exercise, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and more.
    • Visit the "Adventurous Writer" website provided to you in the Sources section of this article, then scroll down on the website to access a list of certification programs for fitness coaches.
    • Type any of the certification program names into an Internet search engine to locate the website for that particular program, then use the contact information from the website for help with finding a local fitness coach.
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    Review classified ads online and in newspapers. Fitness coaches who work independently or for small businesses will often advertise their services in local classified ads.
    • Visit websites such as Craigslist or eBay Classifieds, or review local newspapers, magazines, and similar publications to find local fitness coaches who are selling their services.
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    Search for fitness coaches on the Internet. There are many websites that provide you with a directory for fitness coaches in your area, and in some cases, you can even hire an online fitness coach.
    • Go to any Internet search engine and enter keywords such as "fitness coaches for hire." You will then be presented with numerous websites that offer fitness coach services or that provide you with a directory.
    • Read all terms and conditions on the website before hiring a fitness coach or providing a specific service with payment information. In some cases, you may want to consult personally with your fitness coach before hiring them to make sure you feel comfortable with them before finalizing any paperwork.


  • Before finalizing your contract with your fitness coach, ask them to provide you with a list of clients or references, then contact several of those references to gain feedback about your fitness coach's skills and work ethic. This will help you find a fitness coach that is satisfactory for your fitness needs.

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