How to Find a Free Pen Pal Online

Pen-pals are a free, fun way to communicate with people from other countries. You can learn about other countries, cultures, and practice other languages. A pen pal is a great educational experience that is fun too.


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    Find a pen-pal site online. Your favorite search engine is a good place to start. A good search would be "free online pen pal." If you are willing to pay for your experience, your search can be a little more general.
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    Create an account. Include your first name, age, country, interests, and languages spoken. Most sites will ask for an email address, so use one you check frequently.
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    Even if you aren't fluent in a language, include it if you know enough. There might be someone out there who isn't fluent in your language, and is looking for someone to practice with.
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    Browse for a pen pal. Do you have a gender preference? Most people prefer to communicate with someone their own age so they have more in common.
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    Once you find someone, send them a friendly, open message. Even if they don't share all of your interests, talk to them anyway. You never know what could happen. Include a little bit more about yourself as well as a friendly invitation to write back.
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    Try to stay in touch! You can talk about school or places you've been. Ask questions! Learn about their life and share your stories.


  • Never give out your full address, unless you want an authentic pen pal experience and plan on writing letters instead of emailing.
  • It may take time to find the a good pen pal. Not everyone is going to write back consistently or be interested.
  • Always keep it friendly, even if they don't write back.
  • Log in to your account frequently and check your email often, just in case someone wants to be your pen-pal.
  • Try becoming friends on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter, to learn more about them.


  • If at any point you do not feel comfortable, break off communication.
  • Don't give out your phone number or full name.
  • Avoid meeting up with your pen pal. If you do, bring a trusted family member or friend with you and request that they do the same. Make sure you meet at a public location.

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