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There are abilities in the psychic community that has been recognized by scientists all over the globe, such as telekinesis or telepathy. Unfortunately, there are multiple famous mediums that forge the doubted abilities of talking to the dead and making predictions. Hopefully, this article will help you to seek out the truly gifted, as there are people out there who can do things you can't believe.


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    Before getting suspicious of your medium/psychic, remind yourself that their abilities are almost nothing like how the media portrays them. Some are stronger than others. Giving a reading takes focus on a specific person or group to be able to conjure pictures or videos in their head. Example, when a medium/psychic is talking to the dead, they can't see them with their eyes, the ghosts gives off energy and sends pictures to the reader's head. If they have trouble with something like getting a name in their head, it's okay, don't freak out, but don't give them the answer right away, see if they can get it.. If they're close, tell them, and it will help them concentrate better. Again, medium/psychics aren't anything like the media, and they don't get answers off the spot. It takes concentration.
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    Make sure they're asking specific questions, not something that seems 50/50. When questions are general, and can relate to most people, it's usually a scam. Demand personal questions, otherwise, don't bother coming back to them.
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    Again, don't give questions out right away, give them time to focus. Usually, people get too excited and answer for the medium/psychic for them! It helps people scam others! Let them give a few guesses, if they're VERY close, like, "Is your sister's name something like Saya?" "No. Sarah." They're on the right track if they say a very close name on the first try. If they do something like, "Is your sister's name Jennifer?" When her name is Sarah, give them a look that says, "Nope, try again." Just try not to get too excited about your reading and shout out all of the answers, that's how people give medium/psychics a bad name and get scammed.
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    Try to get readings from medium/psychics who work for companies like California Psychics. Usually, the company demands a screening before the medium/psychic becomes a member. Also, try to look for a website that allows complaints.


  • Medium/psychics usually can't do readings about people who they have no connections to. So if you ask for them to give you information on a celebrity, ask them if they know someone who knows them. If they read the celebrity without any connections, then they're most likely lying.
  • Let the medium/psychic know that you are prepared for good and bad so they don't have to hesitate on telling you things you don't want to hear.


  • Giving readings include pressure, so don't stress out the person who is reading you.
  • Usually, medium/psychics who don't work for companies are frauds. Don't go to websites who support one medium/psychic.
  • Try not to report someone who works for a company until months after.

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