How to Find a Legitimate Business Online

Amid all the promises floating around the internet about businesses that will make you incredible "pots of money" or "barrowloads of millions", how do you discern a business that is actually reliable, trustworthy and a good bet to try? This article provides some ideas to help you work your way through the maze of online spin.


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    Look for a reputable name to go with the business. If the name is well known and a lot of people have the products in their homes, it will be a legitimate business in the main. Naturally, there are two concerns to consider here: that you are actually dealing with the real company using that name and that the company in question, no matter how established, is not in a financially poor position. Do some research on both counts.
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    Ask questions. The way to find out about reliability and fit for you is to be inquisitive. Questions that you should know the answers to include:
    • How does the "system/activity/selling/service/etc." work?
    • What level of involvement will I need to put in in hourly terms?
    • Do I need to pay money upfront? If so, how much and for what?
    • Is there an intermediary who can hold funds in trust while I get my products/URL name/services, etc.?
    • How quickly can I expect returns on my money and time investments?
    • Can I contact other people already successfully undertaking this business as a result of using your online specs?
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    Ask yourself a lot of questions too. This is more about intuiting how you feel and analyzing the facts. Things to consider include:
    • Does it feel right?
    • Do the links lead to trustworthy sources and resources?
    • Would my financial adviser think this was a good deal? Would my mom?!
    • Is my family happy about this? Does my spouse trust that I am making the right decision?
    • What would my lawyer think?
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    My greatest strength is in working with those who want to create a different financial future for themselves. And it would be such a privilege for me to help you achieve what you are looking for from your life and work.
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    Look for established processes that work. Ask for documented proof that the business in question does what it promises for those who invest in it.
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    Be wary of hype. Naturally, marketing will always over-sell anything it wants to get more for but you should be certain that what is being advertised provides value. Are you buying more than what is promised?

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