How to Find a Passion for Work

Doing a job and being passionate about the work that you do are two different things. Many people struggle to find passion for their jobs or their work and worry that they're not happy in their careers. Learn how to find a passion for work to fully satisfy your passion at your job every day.


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    Ask yourself what you're good at.
    • Consider the job you're working now and making a list of all the skills in your job that you're good at. Ask yourself if what makes you be passionate about your job is the interaction with clients, the brainstorming time when you come up with creative solutions to problems, or if it's when you use your education to solve issues and make the data work.
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    Figure out what you enjoy.
    • Make a list of the top 10 things you like to do in your spare time. Don't include necessary household duties like grocery shopping. Make the list all about your favorite things, like reading, walking in the park or painting. Having an understanding of the types of activities that you enjoy will help you incorporate them and find a job you're passionate about.
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    Limit outside opinions.
    • Avoid discussing your options with too many outside sources. While the input of trusted loved ones could be helpful, asking too many people could also cause you to doubt yourself and not find your passion at work.
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    Know your life goals.
    • Your perfect job should be one that helps you reach your life goals and the plans that you have for yourself over the long term. This may be financial security, publishing your work or becoming a partner at the firm. Renew your familiarity with your overall life goals and assess whether your job will help you reach them.
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    Determine if your assets are being properly utilized.
    • Ask yourself if your education, work experience and job skills are being fully utilized at your job. If not, brainstorm the kind of job that would incorporate all of these elements and let you use them to the fullest of your abilities.
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    Define your dream job.
    • Write down what you would love to do for work, regardless of money, location or education limitations. Having a dream job definition will help you work toward the job you're passionate about.
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    Work with a coach.
    • Consult a life coach or career coach about the things you're passionate about and how to incorporate them into a job you love. They can help you determine the best course of action to get that dream job.

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