How to Find a Summer Camp Job

Two Methods:Finding Desired CampsApplying to Desired Camps

Having a job at a summer camp can be fun and rewarding. In addition, it can look great on your resume; it shows enthusiasm, patience, and, depending on your role, leadership skills. Are you interested in finding a job at a summer camp? Start with Step 1.

Method 1
Finding Desired Camps

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    Start your job search early. Camps like to have staff in place well before summer sessions begin, often before registration. Some even begin hiring during the winter. Therefore, if you know you want a summer camp job, you should start looking as early as possible. Doing so will give you more options and increase your chances of landing a desirable job.
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    Search camps according to location. If you have a specific location in mind, conduct a search for camps in that general area. Use your favorite internet search engine and enter the keywords “summer camp” and the name of your desired area. When this information pops up, you can make a list of possibilities and do some research on them.
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    Review camp websites. If the camp has a website, you can gain all kinds of valuable information by spending some time there. Read as much as possible. Some basic information to consider:
    • camp culture
    • camp mission
    • programs available
    • session dates and times
    • special requirements for employment (minimum age, experience, or certifications)
    • available jobs
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    Call camps for additional information. If there is no camp website (or if the website offers minimal information), call the camp to speak with a representative and request that a brochure be mailed to you.
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    Ask your counselors and teachers for camp recommendations. Counselors and educators sometimes have lists of camps in your area based on their specialties (for example, robotics camp for future engineers). They may be personally familiar with some of these camps, or they may have worked at some of them. These people can therefore me excellent resources – ask them for recommendations!
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    Talk to your counselors and teachers about your goals. While you are asking for camp recommendations, be sure to discuss your strengths, weaknesses, and long-term goals. These people may be able to make better recommendations if they have all of this information. For example, if you are on the swim team and are lifeguard certified, your counselor may recommend that you apply for an instructor position at a swim camp.

Method 2
Applying to Desired Camps

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    Create a target list. Based on your research, make a list of camps that fit most of your criteria.
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    Search for jobs at your targeted camps. Go to the websites of your targeted camps (or call, if the information is not available online) to find out if and when they will be hiring. Note application due dates and any other pertinent information.
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    Contact camps you used to attend. If you attended a great summer camp as a kid and want an opportunity to work there, contact a representative directly. There may still be people there who would recognize you! They may offer you a job or invite you to apply.
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    Check hiring rules. Some camps have rules and regulations about who can work there or who can work in specific jobs. This is information that you need. It is pointless, for example, to apply for a job that requires nursing certification if you are not a nurse. Age may also be a factor: some camps require counselors to be 16, 17, or 18. Call, email, or check the camp website to determine what the regulations are for a particular camp.
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    Request reference letters. Camps want to hire individuals who can pass a background check and provide excellent references. Seek references from people who know you well and are not family members; make sure you choose people who will provide positive information about your character and skills. Potential referees include:
    • teachers
    • coaches
    • counselors
    • former employers
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    Send applications. Once you have completed your research, developed a list of target camps, and checked available jobs, go ahead and apply. Follow application instructions carefully. Good luck!


  • If you are under 17 years old and struggling to find counselor jobs that you qualify for, consider looking for counselor-in-training (CIT) jobs.
  • If you have experience with children (babysitting, tutoring, or volunteer work with kids, for example), be sure to emphasize it on your application. Camps appreciate applicants who already know how to work well with children.

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