How to Find Big and Tall Men's Clothes

Finding properly fitting clothing when you're big or tall can be a challenge. The good news is that it can be done, and on a variety of budgets.


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    Do a search of Google or similar search engine. This can yield mail order shops and places that are local to you for the clothing you need. Don't be afraid of mail order,a s things can be returned. But remember, mail order is just like a store. Things that may fit from one manufacturer may not fit from another, and even things from the same manufacturer may fit differently. Order a few things at a time until you get an idea how the sizes run. If you find something basic you like, like jeans, get more than one pair.
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    Take another set of eyes with you. When you go to local shops, if you're not comfortable with your own decisions, take someone with you whom you trust. Women are great for this. Women love to shop, and usually won't let you go too far wrong.
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    If this isn't possible, go to a big and tall men's shop that is full service. They're there to help you get a good fit.
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    If you do go to a full service shop, make a note of the sizes they say fit you. Use that information as a basis for purchases you make on your own.
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    GET WHAT FITS. This doesn't mean what fit when you were in school, just worn lower under your tummy. Tight clothes ARE NOT attractive. And remember, unless you're talking about 501s, your size probably isn't on your label.
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    Get things the proper length. Again, not what you wore in school, what you wear now. A big pile of fabric around your ankles is not what you want. With things that shrink, like jeans and chinos, do allow some length for shrinkage. Nothing is more frustrating than pants that were the perfect length that now show the world your ankles because they shrank.
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    Find out your alternatives. Discount mass retailers like K-Mart, Target, etc. can be a God send. These store carry larger sizes, at reduced prices, and you can try things on to your heart's content. You can also buy things, take them home to try, and return what you don't like at your leisure.
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    If you can, go to shops that tailor for all men. They will make sure you get the right fit. Try to get some things from this kind of shop, even if it's only one or two items, like a dress shirt, or, if you can afford it,a suit. Yes, it will cost more, but consider it an investment.
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    Don't be afraid to get things altered. This is something dry cleaners often specialize in, and it usually isn't very expensive. Getting less expensive clothing altered can make the difference in looking shabby and looking sharp.
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    Check out a bit pricier alternatives. Mid-range retailers like JC Penney, Macy's, etc. are really good for big and tall sizes. Stores like this combine a level of customer service you don't get in less expensive stores, and a price range you can often afford even when you don't think you can. Shop the sales. You'll surprise yourself at what you can get, at really good prices.
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    Learn how to dress as befits your age (and maturity level). Finally, if you're getting a bit older, say over thirty, give up on the bright Hawaiian-type shirts. Yes, your friends may find them amusing, but you don't want to date your friends. If you have to have one, wear it out when you go to the bars, not on a date.


  • Big men have it easier that big women. Big guys are still more accepted. And lots of women, or men, if that's the team you play for, like big guys.
  • Don't be afraid to look at magazines like GQ. No, they may not come in your size or price range, but you'll know what is fashionable.
  • Don't be afraid to shop. Men tend to run into a store, get the blue shirt they wanted, and run out. Stay a minute, look around. You may find something you like.
  • Don't try to shop on Saturdays and Sundays if you don't like crowds, women with screaming kids, or being rushed. Choose a day after work during the week to lessen your anxiety.
  • Remember: Online shopping and catalogs can be your friend. No rushing, no crowds, no prying eyes.
  • The same goes for men's magazines. read them at home, get an idea what you like, order it, and give it a try. No one has to know but you and your UPS guy.
  • If you really don't trust your own judgment, ask female friends or family members. Sisters can be really great for that. Avoid your mom,a s she may tend to dress you the way she did when you were eight. Cute then, now, not so much. Or, she may dress you like your dad. But if you have a trendy mom, by all means, utilize her expertise.
  • Finally, don't be afraid to be YOU. If that means pants that are a little short and Hawaii shirts, then so be it. Just be comfortable with who you are. If that means being a bit more fashionable, by all means. Do it. Don't despair, or get the idea that because you're big guy, there's nothing you can wear that looks good. Not true. You just have to look.


  • Oversize clothes may be in style in some places, but really big clothes just make you look bigger. That's not the direction you want to go.
  • Don't look at your size twenty eight inch waist friend and lament the fact you can't dress like him. First off, you can. Second, you should be you, not him.
  • Remember, fit is better that saying that's all you could find. If it doesn't fit, skip it.

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