How to Find Cheap Clothes for Your Type of Style

If you are into emo, goth, indie, scene, preppy, nerdy, rave, rainbow, pastel, or etc, and you need to find some cheap clothes to buy to fit your style, then read this article to help you find a perfect and cheap clothes.


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    Start looking around for some shops in your town or city that have cheap prices for the style you are looking for. Many of these include Walmart, Target, JC Penny's, or a local thrift store. These all have things that, with a creative mind, can be pieced together for a perfect outfit.
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    Sometimes, shopping online is a great choice. Some great sites to check out are,, or They have from rave to goth to indie and etc, and each subculture that comes along with these. All it takes is a single search, and it's all in the privacy of your home.
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    Now compare the prices of stuff you did want to these sites. Contemplate whether or not the price is worth it. A neon shirt from JC Penny's on recent sale was 6.99, while a neon shirt from other retailers may be up to $20.00. A skeleton hair clip from etsy is about $3.00 dollars, where one at Hot Topic could even go up to $10.00.
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    Another thing to consider would be shipping price and convenience. Do you need it right away? A good choice then would be a shop near your home. Can you wait? Are you okay with paying shipping? A five dollar item may have as much as five dollar shipping, bringing up your price.


  • Don't buy something that's not worth it. A beaded necklace for anything over $10.00 is a rip off.
  • Only spend as much as you can. Don't waste your money.
  • Do not buy clothes you don't need. Online shopping can get out of hand, as can regular shopping.

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